Whether you love “working the room” or cringe when it’s time to press the flesh, knowing how to network is essential to your success as a seller. Sure, marketing and social media may do the heavy lifting to establish and maintain your brand image, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for effective in-person contact—and many a deal is still sealed with an actual handshake rather than a virtual one.


With Ariba LIVE 2014 coming up March 17-19 in Las Vegas, now’s a great time to brush up your interactive acumen so you can make the most of this year’s networking activities. Read on to learn what makes one-on-one connections so critical and glean best practices to hone your networking edge.


Why is in-person networking important?

While virtual communication plays a crucial role in business today, our human senses give us information about each other in face-to-face interaction that we can’t get any other way. What’s more, it’s efficient: most of us know whether we like and trust someone within minutes of meeting them, and that energy sparks an initial bond that can then be strengthened and sustained online. You can also quickly compare notes about your capabilities and their requirements, making it easier to seal deals fast.



In tomorrow's blog, we'll share some tips on how to make networking deliver

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