With the burgeoning use of social media among both B2C and B2B buyers, socially active customers wield more influence over your brand image—and your sales—than ever before. Yet even if social media plays a central role in your marketing strategy, trying to use it effectively can feel like throwing a lasso around stampeding horses. There’s no mistaking its massive power, but what’s the best way to harness it for your business?


Monitoring tools: a marketer’s best friend

The answer lies in how well you listen, and social media monitoring tools can help. Aberdeen research shows that businesses using these tools realize major benefits over those that don’t.[i] And their popularity is growing, with 48 percent of companies already leveraging listening tools and an additional 38 percent planning to.[ii] Why? Because they provide a quick, simple way to maximize social media ROI. By taking advantage of monitoring tools, you can:


  • Turn chaos into order. The sheer volume of unstructured data generated by social media can seem like a logistical nightmare, with the need to track customer sentiments across myriad sites and pages making even sophisticated marketers tear their hair. New sites, apps, and trends constantly spring up, while the number of users continues to soar. If all this keeps you awake nights, you’re not alone—in one recent survey, 68 percent of companies cited too much unstructured data or an inability to integrate unstructured data as a top challenge.[iii]


Monitoring tools mitigate these headaches by making it easier to track, sort, and apply relevant information from the social sphere into specific areas of your business. By distilling what may seem like an overwhelming number of tweets and posts into organized market intelligence, these tools help you transmute what buyers and prospects say into better business results.


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