Yesterday, we introduced you to to AribaPay™, but how can it help your business?


Instead of having to choose between timely payment or sufficient reconciliation information, you can use AribaPay to get the best of both worlds: the speed and efficiency of electronic funds transfer combined with fast reconciliation through detailed remittance information and automated processing. Online visibility means that instead of having to contact customers for payment status, you can see for yourself what’s happening every step of the way. Access to remittance information the moment payment is initiated enables you to prepare for reconciliation ahead of time, so you can apply funds as soon as you receive them—without spending hours on additional research. And because you know when payment will arrive, you can forecast and manage cash flow more effectively.


Tomorrow, we'll go into detail on how AribaPay works! The content from this post comes from our Supply Lines group, check it out to read the full article.