Now that we know the benefits of AribaPay™, let's see how it can work for you.


AribaPay links Ariba’s collaborative commerce resources—including access to relevant history and documents like purchase orders, contracts, and invoices that you can download or review directly from the Ariba® Network, plus reporting capabilities that provide a clear audit trail—with the ability to securely transfer funds through the global payments infrastructure of the Discover Network. But make no mistake: AribaPay is not another p-card, credit card, or other commercial card offering with hefty percentage-based interchange fees. Instead, it’s a unique new B2B payment method, with no interchange fees involved.


What should I do to get started?


  1. Become “AribaPay Ready.” To ensure you’re ready to use AribaPay when your buyers are, check out the AribaPay webpage, then click “I’m a Supplier” to sign up. You’ll be contacted about next steps in the process as soon as information becomes available.
  2. Invite your customers to use AribaPay. AribaPay offers plenty of value to buying organizations, too—including fewer paper checks, fewer payment inquiries, lower processing costs, and less risk—so by encouraging them to use it, you can both reap the benefits.


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