You know social media is essential in today’s B2B world, but how can you tell if your social strategies deliver the intended results? All too often, your efforts seem to fall into a black hole, making it tough to justify the time and money required. And while social does a great job of starting the relationship, traditional sales and marketing tend to convert it to a sale, which means the effects of social can get lost in the shuffle. What you really need are ways to both improve and measure the impact of social media on lead generation and customer retention—and to translate that into metrics like revenue creation, costs, and sales volume so you can close the gap between social and your bottom line.


Nichole Kelly, CEO of Social Media Explorer/SME Digital and author of How to Measure Social Media, feels your pain. In a session at Ariba LIVE 2014, she outlined her company’s comprehensive three-pronged approach to social media that leverages social selling on LinkedIn, inbound marketing, and marketing automation to fill the sales funnel—achieving an average 15% contact-to-meeting conversion rate and 450% growth in the last year alone. Along the way, she described plenty of easy, low-cost actions you can take to start generating measurable results from social media in record time.


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