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Interested in expert e-commerce advice? Unsure how to optimize your account? Confused about a customer request? Never fear—help is here! Ariba offers a wide range of support services to assist you with these questions and more. This handy guide will help you choose the right resources so you can get answers fast.


Support Teams

Ariba Customer Support

  • What is it? If you have questions about registration, how to log in/reset your password, account navigation, the Supplier Membership Program (SMP), or how to use Ariba solutions and services, contact Ariba Customer Support. Support is available in multiple languages via live chat, webform, and phone between 8:00 p.m. Sunday and 8:00 p.m. Friday, Eastern Time, to help you resolve problems or point you to appropriate resources.
  • How can you access it? Log into your Ariba account, click on Help/Help Center, click Support Center in the right-hand column, and then follow the directions to reach support resources or personnel. (Note that you can still access Help/Help Center to obtain support even if you are not able to log into your account.)

Ariba Enablement Help Desk

  • What is it? The Enablement Help Desk is designed to help you quickly and effectively meet customer requests to begin transacting over the Ariba® Network. Enablement experts are available via phone to answer your questions, provide advice and assistance, and point you to useful resources that make it easier complete the onboarding process.
  • How can you access it? You can reach the Enablement Help Desk by dialing toll-free 1.800.974.4899 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.[i]


Commerce Assistance

  • What is it? If you’re at the Select, Premier, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus subscription level, you can maximize your e-commerce capabilities and benefits via customized services and support from the Commerce Assistance team. These collaborative commerce experts can help you with:
    • Customer acquisition: Fine-tune your Ariba profile to win new business, claim your free Ariba Discovery response(s), and proactively connect with more customers over the Ariba Network
    • Customer retention: Implement catalog and back-office integration strategies to increase relationship stickiness
    • Account management: Adopt best practices to drive greater efficiencies within and across customer accounts

If you’re an Enterprise or Enterprise Plus seller, the team can also help you take advantage of SMP package features like:

  • Ariba Ready program membership
  • Integration of your back-end system to the Ariba Network through an Ariba Integration Connector, powered by Dell Boomi
  • Catalog data cleansing and enrichment
  • Technical consultation services
  • Free pass to the Ariba LIVE conference[ii]
  • How can you access it? You can reach the Commerce Assistance team by sending an email to


Ariba Seller Technical Support

  • What is it? If you’re a Premier or an Enterprise or Enterprise Plus seller, you can get 24/5 technical support for fast assistance with account configuration, catalog formatting and validation, integration of your back-end systems with the Ariba Network, and similar requests. You can also receive 24/7 technical support for production-down problems and other high-priority technical issues.
  • How can you access it?
    • For general technical support, log in to your Ariba account, click on Help/Help Center, and click Support Center in the right-hand column. You can then submit your tech support request via webform, live chat, or phone, and a support representative will connect you with the appropriate Ariba Seller Technical Support team member based on the nature of your issue.
    • For high-priority/weekend technical support, follow the steps above to access the Support Center, then use the phone option to receive the appropriate assistance.


Strategic and Technical Consulting Services

  • What is it? When you’re ready to integrate your back-end systems with the Ariba Network—which lets you achieve the fully automated, “touchless” order-to-cash processing that maximizes e-commerce benefits for you and your customers—you can contract with the Electronic Supplier Integration Management (ESIM) team to receive personalized consulting on technical implementations, solution testing and troubleshooting, PunchOut configuration, strategic planning, and other B2B e-commerce areas. Additional options include:
    • Integration Express Consultation in which you create an integration playbook that captures your current integration process and capabilities on the Ariba Network along with your requirements for a “fast track” integration, helping you work with customers in the way that’s best for you (for Premier, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus sellers)[iii]
    • Seller Integration Engagement where you receive technological guidance, proven frameworks, and even sample code to drive success in automating your connection to Ariba (for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus sellers)[iv]
  • How can you access it? To learn more about strategic and technical consulting services, contact the Commerce Assistance team at


Online Communities and Information

Ariba Exchange User Community

  • What is it? The Ariba Exchange User Community has replaced the former Help section in your account. It offers Ariba documentation and tutorials on an extensive array of subjects along with a “Popular Topics” area, product and status alerts, access to phone and live chat[v] support, and options to share feedback. Intuitive self-help tools, simple navigation, and fast and effective search functionality make it easy to find the information you need. (Check out this overview for details.)
  • How can you access it? Click Help in the upper right-hand corner from any page in your account, then click Help Center from the dropdown. For a brief primer on key community features along with helpful navigation tips, read “How to Use the Ariba Exchange User Community.”


Ariba Answers

  • What is it? Ariba Answers is an online resource center where you can find videos, recorded webcasts, case studies, white papers, and other materials designed to answer a wide range of “how-to” questions about Ariba and the Ariba Network—from getting started to improving your sales and marketing efforts. For example, you can get responses to queries like:
    • How do I list my business on Ariba?
    • How can I find leads?
    • What does my bill mean?
    • How do I connect with other customers?
    • How do I create a catalog?
  • How can you access it? Go to the Ariba Answers web page and click on “I’m a Supplier.”


Ariba Exchange

  • What is it? Ariba Exchange is a collaborative, web-based community where you can ask questions, share insights, and exchange information on a wide range of subjects with your peers, prospects, customers, and others engaged in B2B e-commerce. It provides a great way to network and build valuable relationships that can make your job easier.
  • How can you access it? Go to the Ariba Exchange home page, then register and log in to participate.

Online Training

Live Demos

  • What is it? Live demos are webinars led by knowledgeable instructors who provide practical, detailed information on how to expand your e-commerce capabilities and maximize your Ariba Network presence. Each demo typically lasts an hour, with about 45 minutes of prepared presentation and 15 minutes at the end for questions. Current topics include:
    • Introduction to the Ariba Network for Sellers
    • PunchOut for E-Commerce Managers
    • Integrating with Your Customers through cXML
    • Maximizing your Enterprise/Enterprise Plus Benefit Options
    • Ariba Network Functional Presentation
    • Creating Electronic Catalogs
  • How can you access it? To see a list of available demos and to sign up, go to this live demo registration page or this one.


[i] Toll-free Enablement Help Desk support is currently provided in English to sellers in the United States and Canada.

[ii] Free Ariba LIVE pass is available to Enterprise Plus sellers.

[iii] The Integration Express consultation is currently provided in English for sellers utilizing cXML and/or EDI (ANSI X12 and EDIFACT) with at least one customer on the Ariba Network.

[iv] The Seller Integration Engagement is currently provided in English, French, and German. Enterprise sellers receive four consulting hours, and Enterprise Plus sellers receive eight.

[v] Live chat is currently provided in English on a 24x5 (Monday through Friday) basis to Ariba Network sellers, with rollout to other seller groups scheduled in upcoming months.