Over the weekend, I finally had time to catch up with my nephew, who has been busy traveling around the country meeting with clients and customers interested in partnering with him on the latest creations in kids’ apparel. I was amazed to hear how he had such connections and managed to grow his clientele list so quickly, when not even a year ago, he was making his rounds in our local town stores and boutiques to see if they wanted to carry his apparel line. “It’s all about the networks,” was his response when I asked how he did it. Constantly on his iPhone, MacBook, and iPad Pro, he could barely finish a single thought with me during our conversation without devices chiming multiple times.


All about the networks…this millennial is not just on these mobile devices 24/7, but he is actually onto something much bigger. He’s not being lazy, mindlessly browsing online and playing games (as I initially thought) – he’s actually being smart and tapping into channels that allow him to discover, connect, and collaborate with his buyers and up-and-coming partners! The guy is really working and on his way to building his own commercial empire. He’s able to successfully network on networks, which enables him to grow his business and brand without having to spend long hours physically visiting storefronts to market his apparel. How brilliant is that? Saving time, energy, and money – while working smarter by embracing online tools and networks to get the job done. And now, he has interested buyers and partners flying him all over the place to do business with him. What a 360 from 10 months ago!


It seems like more and more entrepreneurs and businesses are leaning towards this trend of leveraging online channels and business networks to find new ways to stay agile and grow – both in customers and in sales. Do you blame them? Business networks like Ariba® Network add value to any business by allowing sellers and buyers to work together more efficiently and effectively on all the shared aspects of business commerce. It helps companies sell faster, smarter, and better. It changes the job of selling from complex to simple. How? Check out this Sell Simple video to find out! [For the Mandarin version, SAP Ariba简化销售流, click here. For the Japanese version, SAPアリバでシンプル売ります, click here.


From small minority-owned businesses to large Fortune 100 companies, many are finding tremendous benefit from networks such as SAP Ariba’s. By leveraging the power of networks, small to midsize organizations can compete on a global scale, and big businesses can remain nimble and ahead of their competition as market leaders. This is evident from hearing all the great success stories that customers shared at our SAP Ariba Live events in Las Vegas and Madrid earlier this year.


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