I was recently sorting through some junk mail and came across a flashy postcard from a local eatery offering me a free dessert. The
pitch was to come back to a restaurant that I had been to a few times, to celebrate their 20-year anniversary. And that got me thinking – 20 years – what was I doing 20 years ago?


In 1996 I was just starting my evening MBA program while working full time in sales operations at Sony Pictures Entertainment, managing
execution of our new releases and catalog products in retail stores across North America. DVDs were still rolling out, killing the laser disk business and starting to make VHS tapes obsolete. That year was also when I got my first cell phone, some type of Motorola flip-type brick with a pull-out antenna. And around that same time, all the conversations and business planning began to revolve
around business Armageddon, also known as “Y2K.”


Wow! Those 20 years really flew by, and the more I thought about the decades passing, the more curious I was about looking at what else
was happening during that time span.


In 2000 I moved back to Silicon Valley at the height of the “dot-com” boom, which was quickly followed by the infamous dot-com bust of the same year. And as the Valley recovered, we saw some of the most innovative companies emerge, introducing many of the products and services that are now household names we can’t live without.


Clearly a huge amount has happened in the span of a couple of decades, even though it feels like just a few years in time. And that really
hit home for me as SAP Ariba celebrates its 20th anniversary. When you look at some of the numbers from our history, you can see a huge amount of growth and change. Yet in business terms, we’re just getting started.



Space travel doesn’t yet allow the average business person to commute to Mars. But in 20 short years, Ariba® Network has become the world’s
largest business network and it continues to grow rapidly with the support of our global customers. And SAP Ariba has gone from being a tiny start-up with a vision about streamlining commerce to a technology leader transforming the way companies collaborate and conduct business worldwide.


Happy birthday, SAP Ariba! Here’s to being 20 years young, and we look forward to all the decades and developments to come!


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