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This week's Knowledge Nugget is on Supplier  Performance Management. This is part 2 of a multipart post. Links at the  bottom of this post will direct you to the other segments of this  discussion. Enjoy!


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Locating the best suppliers and negotiating the best agreements are a good start. But, ensuring spend management success requires companies to constantly discover, assess, and on board new supply partners and continuously measure and improve supplier performance. Ariba Supplier Management supports the complete supplier management lifecycle - from initial supplier registration and assessment to ongoing performance measurement and monitoring to corrective action and improvement plan management. If you aren’t using this….ask me for more information!


Links to the rest of this topic below:

Supplier  Performance Management Part 1: Intro to Supplier Performance Management

Supplier Performance Management Part 3: Measures and Targets

Supplier Performance  Management Part 4: KPI Targets, Monitoring & Evaluation, Behavior  Encouragement




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