I know from my conversations with customers over the years that supplier information management and improving supplier performance is a major priority, the success of which can make or break budgets and careers. And in the current market, that Supplier Information and Performance metrics  information is ideally being drawn upon to predict and mitigate supply risk.


With those challenges in mind, we're hosting a 'Supplier Management Workshop' at the Ariba headquarters later this month where attendees would learn about:
  • Supplier Information Management – learn how companies are leveraging technology and standardized processes to ensure critical supplier capability, profile, business, and certification information are up to date
  • Supplier Performance Management – learn how companies are measuring supplier performance on quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as qualitative evaluations and surveys. See how leading companies are collaborating with suppliers to correct performance issues, capture innovation and drive continuous improvements.
  • Supply Risk Management -- learn how to detect supplier and supply market risks early and uncover strategies and approaches for mitigating risks across your supply base.
  • As part of the workshop attendees would also experience an interactive, hands-on demo using the web-based tools, processes and Ariba Network that we've developed to address the SIM challenges above. It will also provide a great networking opportunity, where you'll meet and talk with peers and the Ariba SIM team. After the workshop, the attendees will have access to a sandbox environment for continued learning, planning and providing feedback to our team.

    The details:

    July 21st @ Ariba HQ - 807 11th Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
    9:30-5:00 - breakfast and lunch will be served
    Register here - Registration is limited in order to keep the event focused and fast paced. Registration closes July 16th.


    Should be a great event. And I'm looking forward to the give and take with those of you in the trenches. Hope you can make it (and if not, can pass the word on to someone on your team who can).

    Attached is the detailed agenda.