I wanted to thank those who responded to the 2011 Supplier Management Feature Survey.  The biggest surprise was how closely our internal voting matched our customer voting.   I have filtered the list to show the top 3 enhancements based upon the customer survey responses.  I would like to hear from the community about why you feel these should or should not be included.  Maybe some customer’s use case might influence others and push other issues to the top!   We haven't finished our 10s3 planning so there is still time to influence the release.


The top 3 features in no particular order:

  • One-To-Many       
    • Purchasing Professionals may be measuring performance and/or risk for 10-50 suppliers.  They have to do this as a side job to their other activities and therefore don't have the necessary time to spend managing all the surveys, publishing of scorecards, etc.  Thus they want a single place to publish all the surveys for all the suppliers at one time.   As part of the overall problem the Purchasing Professionals need to be able to actively manage all the surveys which are sent out as well.  You need to know who responded to which surveys.  You wouldn't expect the purchasing professional to go to each survey individually and view the activity.
    • The same participant may be invited to all 50 surveys.  So the participant doesn't want to receive 50 email invites (they don't want to even receive 5 email invites).  They would like to receive a single invite to the survey(s) and respond to the surveys in a central location.  Today they do this in an Excel workbook where each column or sheet represents a different supplier.


  • Integrate Supplier Profile with Spend Visibility   
    • Allow for ways to link Spend Visibility suppliers to your Sourcing, Contracts, or SIPM suppliers.  This will allow you to choose Spend Visibility suppliers to create contracts, measure performance, collect information,  or invite to your sourcing events.


  • Supplier Fact Table
    • Send Supplier and Supplier Profile Questionnaire data to a new fact table.  This would allow companies to run reports such as "Which companies have I not invited to Sourcing events", "Show me all the rejected suppliers who were created internally by organization", and "Show me all the business contacts by supplier organization"


If you have an opinion on these features and want to influence their final prioritization, create a comment below and let us all know what you think!