Dear Ariba Customer,

In keeping with Ariba’s new release cadence, we are pleased to announce  that Ariba On-Demand Release 11s3 and Ariba Discovery 8 are planned for  deployment in October/November*. Once again, Ariba is ready to enhance  the world's leading business network. This 11s3 release delivers new  Commerce Cloud capabilities to help buyers and suppliers in the areas  of:
•     Global Compliance
•     Touchless Invoice Processing
•     Improved Reporting and Collaboration

Learn more about the valuable new capabilities planned for Release 11s3  and Ariba Discovery 8 by reviewing the feature list later in this  email*.

Ariba On-Demand Release 11s3 / Ariba Discovery 8 Timeline:
August 18:     Release 11s3 and Ariba Discovery Feature Webinar for Suppliers (see registration link below)

October/November:     Planned deployment of Ariba On-Demand Release 11s3 and Ariba Discovery 8

Ariba On-Demand Release 11s3 and Ariba Discovery 8 Feature Preview Webinar
To familiarize yourself with this release’s planned new features and  capabilities, you are encouraged to participate in our informative  Feature Preview webinar (note: will be presented in English). Please use  the registration link below to view the session description and  register to attend.

Ariba Release 11s3 - Ariba Network and Discovery Features for Suppliers
Thursday, August 18
7:00 am – 8:30 am PDT (GMT-7)
Registration link:

•     Please register now.
•     Please forward this message to colleagues within your organization as appropriate. They are also welcome to attend.
•     This webinar will be recorded. If you or other colleagues are unable  to attend this session, you can review the archived materials. We will  inform you on how to access that archive in the next email regarding  Release 11s3/Ariba Discovery 8.
With a more in-depth understanding of this release’s planned new  features and capabilities, you and your team can extend the benefits you  derive from Ariba solutions. So please, register today!