Skill Set—Job Descriptions:

The following list of skill sets are examples of what is needed or what can be considered in defining future roles.


Note: These are all taken from an Ariba client who built a SE Program while implementing Ariba Solutions. These are specific to a Supplier Enablement Program Manager or Lead Role.


Sourcing Methodology background

  • Provides insight into building a supplier on-boarding process as well as when to engage teams throughout the organization.


Bachelors degree or equivalent work experience in Information Services with EDI or cXML specific knowledge

  • Ability to understand Supplier EDI/cXML implementations
  • Suppliers who also have certain invoice failures for example, may reach out to <<Customer>> directly with questions
  • Note that suppliers utilizing these technologies can be directed to the Ariba Help Desk


Excellent interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills

  • Candidate must be able to work with multiple departments and all levels of management
  • Must be able to communicate effectively
  • Ability to analyze issues with business documents (PO and invoice)
  • Ability to analyze and determine solutions to problems that arise with business processes


Workload management skills and the ability to get engaged in complex assignments and meet tight deadlines

  • Efficient with Microsoft Office suite (including Project and Visio)
    • Reporting tools and applications will differ and having a good working knowledge of the entire MS Office suite will allow a variety of reporting options.
    • Strong project management skills
    • Supplier enablement encompasses many projects at the same time. When your organization engages with larger, more strategic suppliers, these need to be treated and organized as a project.


When Working with Your Suppliers
When Working with Your End Users
Buyer Involvement
  • Get imitate buy-in to the benefits and avoid resistance
  • Don’t hide supplier fees
  • Explain Supplier advantages
  • Live demo to show ease of use
  • Engage marketing
  • Hand-hold suppliers
  • Discount terms can be offered to entice suppliers to join
  • Keep end users up to date on enabled commodities and preferred suppliers
  • Manage Catalogs to ensure items are available
  • Contracts to indicate preferred suppliers
  • Monthly email notification with new/ changed commodities or suppliers
  • Enforce 100% compliance via single requestion platform with new vendor process
  • End to end Supplier Enablement incorporated to new contracts (or amendments)
  • Alignment of decentralized and centralized buying activities
  • Collaborative Drive with Sourcing Efforts = Partnership with Strategic Sourcing
  • Sourcing must have the final eenablement in mind
  • New/Amended Contract Clauses
  • Consider local requirements in global contracts


Remember - Ariba is Here to Help


Leverage Ariba’s proven methodology and services team to expedite supplier enablement or use our self-service tools to manage the process in-house.


Outsource Supplier Enablement

  • Experienced teams dedicated to on boarding, tracking and educating suppliers and ensuring supplier
  • Satisfaction
  • Accelerate the establishment of ready-to-transact supplier relationships (for portal and integrated suppliers)
  • Enable large numbers of suppliers by leveraging Ariba’s organizational structures, including 24-hour support and global coverage
  • Scale your supplier enablement with additional capacity from Ariba
  • Easily onboard all your suppliers and achieve quicker value with those suppliers already using the


Ariba Network Self-Service Ariba Supplier Enablement Automation

  • Load full vendor master file and segment into waves
  • Easily assign suppliers to enablement activities and quickly create supplier accounts
  • Monitor supplier progress throughout the process, and know when a supplier is ready to transact
  • Add customized content to supplier enablement welcome letters
  • Systematically capture and address supplier questions
  • Download supplier enablement status reports for management updates


Ariba Supplier Enablement provides options for moving suppliers to an electronic process.

Leverage our proven methodology and services team to handle enablement for you or use our self-service, supplier automation tools to manage the process on your own. Based upon Ariba’s best practices expertise, these tools empower you to quickly target and enroll new suppliers to meet your objectives. Companies that partner with Ariba Supplier Enablement Services benefit from the following value-added capabilities that ensure effective and efficient trading partner collaboration.


Ariba Supplier Enablement Results

World-class organizations have enabled thousands of their global suppliers on to the Ariba Network for better business commerce.

  • A global equipment manufacturer has activated more than 4,400 suppliers globally to process 90% of its global indirect spend through the Ariba Network.
  • A leading computer systems manufacturer on boarded 850 EMEA suppliers within three months. About 50% of targeted suppliers were already participating in the Ariba Network, accelerating the supplier enablement process.
  • A Fortune 100 energy company enabled more than 1,400 suppliers across eight SAP systems with Ariba for electronic processing of PO and non-PO invoices.
  • A global entertainment company enabled more than 2,200 suppliers for PO and invoice automation, detailed remittance delivery, and dynamic discounting—reducing AP headcount by 30 percent.


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