Sourcing Standard Process Outline and Instructions.xls

Version 1
    The purpose of this document is to provide a standard highly repeatable sourcing process which will consistently deliver a Total Best Value Award which maximizes total supply chain effeciencies as well as savings. However, if your organization has a defined methodology built into your Sourcing site then please defer to your process.
    This process is designed to build a highly effective and self sufficient organization by placing a high emphasis on planning so that execution can be streamlined but very effective. It is also designed to maximize the benefits of the Ariba technology to enable users to reduce the sourcing process cycle time and ensure maximum results.
    The high level of repeatable success is also due to the fact that this template includes instructions for each task. The instructions provide information about the overall intent of the task as well as specific guidance about the proper execution of the task.
    This template will include a Reverse Auction as an optional bid collection approach used in Phase 4 of the process.  In addition, there will be 2 additional RAs included: one to be used as an internal practice auction and the other to be used as a supplier practice auction. 
    Both are recommended when conducting a RA as the bid collecting component of the RFQ.