Ariba Knowledge Nugget - Ariba Network and AribaConnection Solutions.pdf

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    Working more collaboratively with your trading partners is sometimes easier said than done, isn’t it? You can establish a strong presence on the Ariba Network, and automate your inter-enterprise processes with the best of Ariba’s collaborative business commerce solutions. Yet old ways of doing business sometimes die hard. So you might struggle at first to gain participation from your partners, and compliance from your team.

    When that happens, call upon AribaConnection Solutions.


    We’ll put Ariba Network data and analytics to work, along with Ariba best practices and methodologies, to identify your impediments to more collaborative business commerce — and implement plans to remove them. Buyers can get better at finding and engaging with qualified supply sources among Ariba-enabled sellers. Sellers can gain exposure and opportunity among Ariba’s Global 2000 buyers. With greater efficiency, visibility, and control, you’ll optimize the Ariba Network to drive transaction volume and an impressive ROI.