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    Services likely account for half of your total spending, if not more. Still, they're hard to define, hard to see, hard to centralize, and thus, hard to control. Even so, you gotta find a way. Otherwise, you'll keep missing out on a sizable source of savings. The good news is that simply recognizing the problem probably puts you out in front of your competition, and halfway to a solution.


    Collaborative Requisitioning is a new feature in 10s2 that can be used with Procure To Pay, Procure To Order, Ariba Procurement Content, and Services Procurement Solutions.


    Important to note:  Any customer that has Procure to Pay (P2P), Ariba Procurement Content (APC) or Procure to Order (P2O) will get this automatically.


    In this week’s Knowledge Nugget we will explore:


    Dynamic Collaboration: This feature enables buyers to request proposal from suppliers on an ad-hoc basis when procuring goods and services items without have to re-negotiate the catalog or contract price. Buyers can also send proposal requests to other suppliers dynamically and then accept a suitable proposal that meets their needs during the purchasing process.


    N Bids and a Buy: In some organizations, if a requisition meets certain pre-defined criteria, it is required that the buyer negotiate with a minimum number of suppliers and receive their bids before completing before completing the purchasing process.


    Quick Enablement Collaboration Request: This feature enables buyers to negotiate with supplier who are not members of Ariba Network and do not possess Ariba Network IDs (ANID) or whose suppliers are not available in the Ariba procurement solution.