Ariba Knowledge Nuggets - The Ariba Community: Because better business commerce is collaborative commerce

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    Because better business commerce is collaborative commerce.

    For more efficient and collaborative B2B commerce, you need connections. That's why the Ariba Commerce Cloud is built with communities of people and businesses whose goals match and complement yours, and who share a commitment to helping each other achieve them.

    • The Ariba Network – the world's largest trading community, where you can discover, connect, and collaborate with more than 300,000 global businesses.
    • Ariba Partner Programs – enhancing the Ariba Commerce Cloud's capability to improve B2B commerce with innovative financing, payment, intelligence, and other solutions.
    • Ariba Exchange – the industry-leading customer community that serves as your home base for networking and knowledge sharing with your partners and peers.


    This week's Ariba Knowledge Nuggets is all about the power of the business community.  Gone are the days when you could only network in your own company or through a friend of a friend....we bring the ability to network through multiple social channels.  This week look at how we can help you connect, so join in and explore these communities. Take a little time to see who's doing business in the cloud, how they're affiliated, and what kind of conversations they're having. Then reach out and engage. You'll be amazed at what can happen when you're connected to the right people at the right time.