Ariba Knowledge Nuggets:  Utilizing your Ariba Sourcing Library

Version 2

    Ariba knows through experience and talking to many clients that Change Management is a challenge. The Ariba Sourcing Library is a tool within your Sourcing Professional site that can facilitate this process. The Ariba Sourcing Library is an event repository that users can leverage to select documents or content to include in Projects and Events. Some of the features include:


    • The ability to version documents and assign team members to manage these documents
    • The ability to send an announcement to team members when new documents are added to the Sourcing Library
    • A search feature that provides the ability to search for documents by title, keyword, type, and permission.
    • Serve as a way to model best practices


    In addition to the attached Ariba Knowledge Nugget, check out the Customer Success Lunch & Learn replay on Utilizing Your Ariba Sourcing Library!