Ariba Knowledge Nugget - eCommerce Compliance.pdf

Version 2

    When  we talk to many of our customers what we find is that the procurement  organization is hearing a lot of negativity from their suppliers and they simply  dump it off on management, etc., without rectifying the  issue.


    The  core issue is -- your company is moving forward with your eCommerce program and  compliance around eCommerce readiness by your suppliers will need to become more  stringent over time.  You know this will  cut costs on both sides and the Ariba network is uniquely positioned to help you  cut those costs and drive your revenue.


    A strong Compliance Policy will result in  more suppliers transacting electronically!

    Do you currently have  an eCommerce Compliance Program?                                                      

    A successful program should have the  following:

    • The  foundation for Collaborative Commerce communication is the Compliance  Policy
    • The  Compliance Policy has a direct effect on the effectiveness of supplier  enablement efforts
    • All  internal buyer stakeholders should be aware of and able to communicate the  Compliance   Policy