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    It's the paper that blocks your view. It can be created in countless ways and filed in a myriad of places. But when you make the move to electronic contracts, every contract is housed in a centralized repository and retrieved on demand with powerful search tools. Integrated collaboration, negotiation, and execution tools keep you posted as the agreement takes shape and becomes finalized. And with expiration dates and other milestone events easily flagged, you'll stay alert to renewals and avoid supply chain interruptions.


    Creating electronic contracts on a single integrated platform makes standardization possible. Automation helps all contract creators use pre-approved contract templates and legal clauses, and tight integration to Microsoft Word ensures that casual users can collaborate on agreements without learning new software. If anyone modifies format or language, the system issues alerts so all necessary stakeholders can be aware of non-standard agreements and take appropriate action. You can also automate negotiation and collaboration processes in many cases, further ensuring process standardization.


    Flexible infrastructure and process workflows facilitate collaborative contract authoring and negotiation. Standardized contract templates and clauses minimize bottlenecks, accelerating contract creation and legal approval. Internal stakeholders easily interact via a web-based platform, seamlessly connected with trading partners through the Ariba Commerce Cloud. And best of all, the system can be tightly integrated with DocuSign's complete and secure electronic signature capability, eliminating the time – and costs — associated with shipping and signing multiple paper copies of every contract.


    In this Ariba Knowledge Nugget, we will walk you through how to use your Supplier's Paper in your Ariba Contract Management Solution.