Ariba Knowledge Nugget - Adoption Planning

Version 1

    Those famous words, Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan, by Vince Lombardi apply to all situations; but in my mind, none better than Adoption Planning for your Ariba solutions.  When working with customers, I liken this process to planning for a road trip.  It is doubtful you would ever just hop in the car and drive from NY to CA.  There would be some advanced planning involved.  You would take the time to think through how much time you had to get from here to there, what you would do if you encounter trouble along the way, and so forth.  So, why would you not have the same plan for your Ariba solutions? 


    In this week's Ariba Knowledge Nugget, we explore the need for a good plan. Know where you are today, where you want to be in the future, and define what success looks like for your organization.  Once you have this, we can help begin to build an action plan to get you there!