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    A sure way you can gain added value from the Ariba Network is to implement a strong buyer compliance policy. Seem daunting? It isn’t.  We’ve done all the heavy lifting to provide you with a series of webinars providing the resources, tools, and customer insights you need to get those suppliers on the Ariba Network.


    Webinar I: Establishing an Effective Buyer Compliance Policy


    Please join us on January 31, when Leigh Tangretti, Ariba’s Director of Network Services, will discuss the link between the strength of a compliance policy and supplier enablement success, including the:


    • Key elements of a compliance policy
    • Best practices defining a strong policy
    • Levers to drive compliance
    • Benefits of a strong compliance policy


    Title:                    Establishing an Effective Buyer Compliance Policy

    Speaker:              Leigh Tangretti, Ariba

    Length:                 60 minutes


    Download this presentation, delivered in January 2013, on how to build a strong compliance program for supplier enablement success!