BtoB Research Insights: The Emerging B2B E-Commerce Opportunity

Version 1



    The past few years have witnessed profound changes in how marketers do their jobs, and the emerging opportunities they are mastering to stay competitive. In fact, marketing has been transformed dramatically with multiple new channels and skill requirements, and marketers must keep up. Marketers avail themselves of traditional methods such as email, tradeshows and direct mail; relative newcomers such as social media; and extremely new methods emerging on the marketing horizon, such as mobile. While it is not easy to keep abreast of new opportunities, marketers must be aware of them in order to fully engage their customers and prospects in the ways customers want to be engaged. Prospects and customers are increasingly dictating the ways and means in which they want to interact with companies, research their options and make their purchases. E-commerce is one of those transformative channels.


    This study, sponsored by Ariba Inc., an SAP company, offers an analysis of the increasing adoption of ecommerce practices by B2B marketers, the market conditions that are influencing adoption, budgeting for ecommerce, obstacles marketers face in their further implementation of the channel, and means by which marketers are measuring their e-commerce success.