9r2 Service Packs - Feature Prioritization

Version 8

    On-Premise Community:


    In June 2014, the 9r2 version of On-Premise product suite was released. We then worked with you to shortlist the features for the 9r3 version release. Via several forums regarding the candidate features and proposed content,  the On-Premise Community questioned the point release model for innovation delivery.  The recommendation was then made to consider delivering future On-Premise innovation via Service Packs on 9r2. We understood that this eases adoption challenges as Service Packs are required for support while other innovation devilery mechanism requires an approval process. So, for customers moving to 9r2

    • Service Packs will be the vehicle for future feature delivery
    • Downstream features will be prioritized higher than Upstream
    • Customers are evaluating Upstream in the Cloud and keeping Downstream On-Premise, so these hybrid scenarios are important to consider

    This exercise is to prioritize the features to be delivered in 9r2 service packs. We have listed down 24 features as part of this list most of which are from the 9r3 shortlist. There are few more additions apart from the 9r3 shortlist which are the requests made by you through different forums.



    1. Download the attached sheet
    2. You have 100 points to use
    3. Assign points against each of the features based upon what compels your company to upgrade to 9r2.
    4. You can use all 100 points against a feature or assign it based on the weightage you and your organization want to give to a feature.


    You should submit the completed excel sheet before 6th June, 2015 to Ariba On-Premise Product Management Team @ OnPremise_PM_Team@sap.com.


    We will work on your voted sheets and the prioritized enhancemenst will be used to determine content for future service packs.



    On-Premise Product Management Team