For those using the Temp Labor module in Ariba, how have you handled the following situations:


1. Timesheet submittals for temp resources who do not have access to the system.  We are planning to have managers/work supervisors enter timesheets 'on behalf of' their temporary resource but are getting strong push back from our supplier who is concerned that this is riddled with problems (timing of entry, data accuracy, etc.)  What are others out there doing?  What has worked well or not so well?


2. Has anyone out there been able to successfully implement all the various state overtime rules through the labor compliance file?  It would be great if this could be shared instead of every customer having to configure this independently.  I am specifically concerned about the Colorado and Nevada overtime rules.


Finally, I would be interested in creating/joining a group specifically for those using temp labor.  I'm sure we all face very similar hurdles.  Any interest out there?