I want to thank all those who have responded to the Spend Visibility survey.  If you haven’t responded, then you still have a few days to influence by submitting a survey to me.  The top 3 features (descriptions included) based on the survey results were:

  1. Further improvements to enrichment turnaround time
    • (Reduce turnaround time of classification and enrichment data by making improvements to the overall classification technology and process)
  2. Reporting and UI improvements
    • (Improved UI, including wizard-like report creation, improved charting, enhanced dashboards with increase visualizations (dials, slides, etc.), all focused on user-friendliness and ease of adoption)
  3. Single Supplier Integration
    • (Expanded Supplier integration to other Ariba solutions, including standardization to a single supplier record across solutions for out-of-the-box 360-degree supplier reporting)


We are just now starting our 13s1 planning and this information will be used to help prioritize the set of features we build.  If you are interested in looking at the detailed results, then please send me an email at dkosovec@ariba.com and we can setup a meeting.


Thank You,

Dave Kosovec