Two-Sided Enablement: Collaborative Commerce in Action


Collaboration, by  definition, requires two or more people to participate. Network, also by  definition, is a system or set of connections between groups. When it comes to  supplier enablement for the Ariba Network, we have traditionally worked with you, our buyers, to determine which sellers you want to bring on to our Network. This  has not maximized the true power of community and network for our customers. But, what if.......??


What if … Ariba changed the game and asked sellers to identify current customers so we  can automate that relationship so both parties can enjoy the benefits of  transacting over the Ariba Network?

What if … Sellers had the opportunity to “Raise Their Hand” and ask buyers to enable  them, and they did this using the Ariba Network today?

What if … Sellers guided buying organizations on best practices for enabling their  categories of spend – things like header level vs. item level details?


What if we told you all of this is available to sellers  today?


It is!  The Ariba Seller Solutions  team has been working with sellers for the past two years to help drive Network  connections. Selling companies big and small, like Dell and B&H Photo, have  asked buyers to connect on the Network and have quickly enjoyed the benefits of  greater wallet share and transactional efficiency with these customers.


Two-sided enablement is collaboration in action, and a great  example of how sellers and buyers benefit from the Ariba Network today!  For more information, or to see which of your sellers want to automate your transacting relationships, please contact your Customer Account Managers or email


Beverly Dunn

Partner, Global Accounts