James Fletcher was kind enough to take some time to answer a series of   questions on finding work to help the unemployed in our online   community. The following is what he had to say on Changes Occurring in the Industry.


Question: What sorts of changes are going on in your industry?

This is an exciting period for the technology industry. New trends in ecology and mobile technologies are bringing new challenges and opportunities for all of us. The Technology Industry is very fast paced and is going through some M&A.

HP has acquired/merged with more than 50 companies in the last 10 years. In fact, yesterday HP officially announced its acquisition of Palm.

On top of that, researchers and engineers push the limits of our imagination everyday making fantastic new technologies and applications available to everyone. We are not only talking about tablets, voice recognition, smart phones, 3D screens, but also the basic materials that allow these new technologies to evolve in a sustainable way.

For example, can you imagine a battery that is more powerful than the traditional lithium batteries and, at the same time eco-friendly?


Can you imagine a new material that is one tenth the weight yet potentially 500 times stronger than steel, could disperse heat like brass, and could conduct electricity like copper or silicon? You may want to look up nanomaterials.

I believe before we know, we will be seeing a lot of new technologies emerging in the market. They will change the way we live today and bring great opportunities for professionals in several areas.

The best IT companies are already investing in these new technologies and working in strategic partnerships. They are listening to users and try to satisfy their requests. In many cases, customers are driving the changes. One fantastic example is in this video where an EMR Physician from Croatia shows how mobile technologies are affecting the medical community.


In summary, the corporate landscape is changing with M&A and partnerships, the end users are adopting new technologies faster, and scientists and Engineers are working on fantastic innovations to enable great innovations. So, not only the industry is changing, but the whole way of life we are used to.


-Jim Fletcher


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