James Fletcher was kind enough to take some time to answer a series of  questions on finding work to help the unemployed in our online  community. The following is what he had to say on Desired Work Experience, Education, and Personality Characteristics.


Question: What kind of work experience or education do you look for in a candidate?


For professionals working in Strategy, an MBA is always required. Not only it gives you valuable technical and interpersonal skills, but it also gives you credibility among our partners.

Certifications and Extension courses are also preferred. Undergrad majors are not as relevant as the latest professional experiences.

Ideally, the candidate should be able to demonstrate expertise in the field and industry. Therefore, in my department, I prefer candidates with previous experience in the technology industry who have worked as strategy consultants, strategy managers, financial managers, or in supply chain. Candidates with experience in cash flow and financial analysis of projects are also preferred.


Question: What key personal characteristics are essential for the position?


I would say Communication, Organization, and Creativity are the top characteristics we need for professionals in the strategy field. The amazing variety of projects and areas we are exposed to require us to talk to people in all levels of the organization, learn what they do as fast as we can, understand the market, organizing the information, setting priorities, come up with alternatives, and decide on the best solution. This process is very intense and good communication, organization, and creativity are key factors of success.


-Jim Fletcher


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