Ariba On-Demand Release 12s1 Seller Portal

Welcome to the Ariba On-Demand Release 12s1 Seller Portal -- your source for information leading up to general availability of Release 12s1. The Seller portal includes links to general release content, a view to the release timing and more.

In order to prepare for the release of 12s1 in August, 2012 the following actions are suggested:

  1. Review the short navigational videos on the link “Ariba Seller Collaboration Console Individual Feature Recordings.”
  2. Review the Summary of Changes made to the Ariba Terms.
  3. Review the Release Guide to prepare for the upcoming release and prepare to create or enhance your company profile.
  4. RECOMMENDATION:  For sellers participating in a sourcing event, if you know your Ariba Network administrator, have them pre-setup an Ariba Commerce Cloud account for you.


Ariba On-Demand Release 12s1 General Information

Release 12s1 Feature Overview
This release delivers new Ariba Commerce Cloud capabilities that will help our sellers customers enhance buyer exposure, better utilize Ariba and improve account administration  Customer benefits include enhanced exposure to buyers, simplified seller experience and consolidated account administration.

Learn more about the valuable capabilities planned for this release by clicking on the link below:

Release 12s1 Feature Webinar
The feature webinar provides a great opportunity to learn about new capabilities planned for Release 12s1.  The live session will be recorded and posted on this page for later offline review.  Click the link below to register and reserve your spot for the webinar.

Ariba Terms

With the goal of improving the seller experience, as part of the 11s4 and 12s1 releases, Ariba will be consolidating the current Seller terms into a single Terms of Use (TOU) and Privacy Statement.  To help prepare for this change, Ariba has provided a summary of the changes to the Ariba Terms as well as links to the pre-production Ariba Terms below.

Ariba On-Demand Release 12s1 Timeline (subject to changes)
March 22, 2012 Release 12s1 Feature Webinar
August 2012 Ariba On-Demand Release 12s1 Deployment

Release Documentation

Read the following release guide for detailed information about the new and changed features.  You can also find the release guide on the Guide tab of Help@Ariba accessible from your solutions Help -> Guides menu.

Pre-release Release Guide (draft version)

Quick Start Guide for Sellers
This Quick Start Guide explains how to navigate the enhanced features delivered in the Seller Collaboration Console

Seller Collaboration Console Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Seller Collaboration Console.

Release Notifications - coming soon!
The following are the notices sent to sellers regarding the coming with Release 12s1.

*This information reflects the status of Ariba's planning as of July 2012, and the features and release schedule discussed are subject to change at any time without notice. Ariba assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and nothing in this notice should be construed to represent any commitment by Ariba to include any specific new features in any version of the Ariba solutions.

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