These days, you hear a lot of talk about making business commerce as easy as consumer commerce. The simplicity and speed of buying and selling on sites like Amazon and eBay have raised the bar, leading a growing number of companies to seek similar benefits in their transactions with customers and business partners. It all comes down to having the right tools to make it possible—and with the introduction of the Seller Collaboration Console, Ariba has delivered powerful functionality that moves you closer to achieving the goal.


Regardless of which Ariba on-demand solutions you use, the Seller Collaboration Console simplifies and streamlines your experience by enabling you to centrally manage your accounts and your Ariba Cloud Profile through a single, unified platform. User-friendly features enhance your ability to navigate between solutions and access relevant transaction details for existing or future trading partners. This means you can obtain leads, participate in sourcing events, manage contracts, and handle ordering and invoicing with all your customers through Ariba more quickly and easily than ever before.


How will the Seller Collaboration Console benefit my business?

By giving you one point of access for a broad array of solutions—including the Ariba® Network, Ariba Discovery™, Ariba Sourcing™, and Ariba Contract Management™—the Seller Collaboration Console makes your business more visible to customers and prospects while saving you time and effort. Benefits include:


  • Simplified profile management capabilities. Through the Seller Collaboration Console, you can maintain a single profile for your company—your Ariba Cloud Profile—which appears across all Ariba Commerce Cloud applications, eliminating the need to create and update your information in multiple locations. This makes it easier to ensure that your company appears in the best possible light to your customers and prospects with current, complete data that accurately represents your capabilities and brand. You can also link child to parent profiles to further streamline management.


  • Instant access through a unified, cloud-based solution. Single-page registration and consolidated terms of use minimize the time and effort required to get started, enabling you to quickly begin utilizing any Ariba on-demand application. The collaboration dashboard also provides clear visibility into customer activity across all your sourcing events from one access point. And because everything is based in the cloud, you can tap into these resources at any time in any location with a browser and an internet connection.


  • Better navigation and a seamless user experience. New single-click navigation between Ariba on-demand seller solutions means you no longer need to maintain multiple product-specific logins or enter each application separately. Instead, you can log in once and then toggle between diverse functions and solutions—as well as your existing usernames—as business needs dictate, allowing you to navigate multiple tasks smoothly and seamlessly.


  • More opportunities to find new trading partners. If you don’t yet use Ariba Discovery, there’s never been a better time to get started—since aggregation of your Ariba Network, Ariba Discovery, Ariba Sourcing, and Ariba Contract Management profiles into a single Ariba Cloud Profile increases your exposure to multiple decision makers in buyer organizations. The addition of enhanced marketing fields plus new central certificate management makes it easier to emphasize your business strengths in ways that capture interest from prospects and customers. Buyers can quickly import your customer-specific contact and user information into their Ariba Sourcing solution, enhancing their ability to identify you and invite you to sourcing events. Ongoing development of a universal business commerce directory will further increase your access to the global community of buyers over time.


  • The scalability and efficiency of a network-centric approach. At a time when more and more organizations worldwide are relying on networks to deliver critical business services, the Seller Collaboration Console allows you to capitalize on this trend. Rather than having to make time-consuming, one-off connections to each customer, you can take advantage of a network-centric, many-to-many approach that lets you conduct business faster and more effectively with a worldwide community of customers.


Where can I learn more?

This entire issue of Supply Lines provides details on how the Seller Collaboration Console works along with tips and best practices to help you make the most of this valuable new resource. You can also find out more by reading documentation at Help@Ariba, contacting Ariba at, or going to the seller portal page at