There’s no question that creating a great customer experience has always been a strong focus at SAP Ariba. The good news is, now we’re taking that commitment to a whole new level.


Of course we want you to be satisfied—yet even more than that, we want you to be delighted. And to make it happen, we’ve launched several company-wide initiatives to help us “think from the outside in.” By putting customers at the center of everything we do, we’ll be better able to optimize internal processes, enhance our products and services, and shape innovations in ways that deliver exactly what you want and need.



Exciting avenues for change

So what can you expect to see? First off, we’ve established a dedicated Customer Experience Team whose charter is to turn customer feedback into specific action items and visible improvements. The team’s focus is to help everyone in the company think from the customer’s point of view and make decisions with your interests at heart. Initial steps include:

  • Developing a comprehensive customer listening program, starting with quarterly surveys to capture your opinions, ideas, and input about how things are going and what you want us to change.
  • Building a feedback loop process that leverages the survey results to ensure your voice is heard. This process will convey key information to Customer Engagement Executives and empower them with action plans to help drive your feedback through all departments—capitalizing on the strength of our entire organization to make your experience better.


Through these activities and more, the team will continue to open new lines of communication that give us constant, real-time awareness of your wants and needs so we can respond quickly and effectively.


Another powerful initiative we’ve started is the creation of our Customer Advisory Board. Made up of customers like you that represent multiple industries across the globe, this board has taken on the challenge of being a voice on behalf of all SAP Ariba customers, providing information and insights that help us really understand what it means to be a customer. Through the board, we have launched several workstreams to improve our products and processes—including the popular new community voting program—and more are in the works.



The crucial ingredient: Your input

As much as we’re committed to these new interactions, communication is always a two-way street. So we hope you’ll take the opportunity to share your feedback and experiences with us, both now and in the months ahead. In addition to participating in the surveys, you can always contact us directly at It is your voice that will shape the SAP Ariba future. 


Together through these various avenues, we will transform your experience as a strategic business partner and drive our mutual success.