These days, business seems to move at warp speed. To keep up, you need greater agility than ever before—and technology partners who can help you push to the front of the pack. That’s why SAP Ariba has set a blistering pace for launching new innovations, introducing a steady stream of features and solutions that deliver everything you need to thrive in the digital economy. What’s our vision? To simplify processes, remove the friction from commerce, and drive business transformation for all our customers.

Innovating with intelligence: A collaborative approach


Of course, innovation goes nowhere without adoption. And the only way to achieve it is to start in the right place: with you. So as we accelerate innovation, we’re also ramping up customer engagement—identifying the problems and capabilities that you care about most, and then actively partnering with you throughout the development process to optimize results. We’ve also made adoption more flexible, giving you greater power to add innovations when and where they make sense for your organization.


Six-month highlights

Among the hundreds of features and innovations we’ve introduced this year, certain ones stand out as real game-changers. If you attended SAP Ariba Live in Las Vegas or Madrid, you got an early look at this exciting top tier. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve showcased so far:


Available now

  • Ariba Spot Buy: By allowing your users to make spot buys—the unplanned, non-sourced purchases that can account for up to 15% of your indirect spend—right within your procurement application, the Ariba® Spot Buy solution helps you drive efficiency and compliance across this previously unmanaged area of spend. And through Ariba Spot Buy for Network Suppliers, suppliers can make their catalogs available on users’ desktops and mobile devices directly on Ariba Network, boosting convenience and choice for you and opening a new sales channel for them.
  • Ariba Supply Chain Finance: Ariba Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a global, multi-funder financing platform that balances your financial goals with the collections and financing needs of your suppliers. It allows you to increase free cash flow from payables by standardizing and rationalizing payment terms, while helping you reduce supply chain risk by making a lower-cost financing option available to your suppliers. Suppliers can use Ariba SCF to turn approved receivables into cash in a way that doesn’t count as debt on their balance sheet, enabling them to collect payments sooner and manage cash more effectively.
  • Supplier Enablement—Interactive Email – Orders using Light Enablement: Light Enablement is a valuable offering in SAP Ariba’s total supplier enablement strategy. Powered by the new Interactive Email – Order feature, it gives you an effective way to increase adoption with small, low-volume, and price-sensitive suppliers and move towards the goal of 100% supplier enablement. Through Light Enablement, suppliers can receive a PO, provide a PO confirmation, and use PO-Flip® invoicing quickly and simply via email—without having to register on Ariba® Network or pay fees. Suppliers can then decide if they want to continue to use Light Enablement or register on the network to take advantage of advanced features such as catalogs, marketing, selling, integration, payments, and cash management capabilities.
  • Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain: Designed for direct materials procurement in the manufacturing and retailing industries, the Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain solution enables you to complement and extend your ERP and supply chain optimization solutions so you can collaborate effectively with suppliers and gain complete supply chain visibility. It provides fast, efficient supplier onboarding services; the ability to collaborate with suppliers on end-to-end processes via a single, global business network; and actionable intelligence and insights that let you respond effectively to supply chain events in real time and help suppliers boost productivity and performance.
  • Ariba Collaborative Sourcing Professional: SAP Ariba has launched and is continuing to invest in a new solution for direct materials strategic sourcing as part of its vision of providing a solution to manage product lifecycle sourcing. This solution gives sourcing professionals the ability to source direct materials, integrate to product lifecycle and material management systems, cost multi-level bills of materials (BOMs), and utilize advanced negotiation and direct material supplier selection functions.


Coming soon*

  • Guided Buying: SAP Ariba Guided Buying will provide a simple, smart, and elegant buying experience to increase user engagement across all of your spend. In addition to giving users one place to buy goods and services—with smart guidance to direct them to the right items, preferred suppliers, and compliant processes—it will also offer in-context collaboration with suppliers and procurement experts. (To get a sneak preview, check out Sudhir Bhojwani’s demo of Guided Buying at SAP Ariba Live.)
  • Supplier Risk: The Ariba Supplier Risk Insights solution will help you proactively manage supplier risk at every step of supplier engagement, providing real-time, contextual intelligence to drive transparency across your entire supplier base.
  • Supplier Management: Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management is a SaaS solution that can help you efficiently qualify suppliers and accurately measure their performance. New features being introduced will provide a re-architected supplier database that enables seamless interoperability, direct ERP integration, deduplication, simplified performance management, and a superior user experience across all Ariba applications—along with incorporation of your vendor master in the cloud. (Get a quick overview in Sudhir’s “Supplier Management 2.0” demo at SAP Ariba Live.)
  • Supplier Enablement—Ariba® Supplier Mobile App/Enablement Dashboard: A new enablement dashboard is being designed that will make it simpler for you to manage enablement projects, while allowing suppliers to accept trading relationship requests on the go via the recently launched Ariba Supplier mobile app. The dashboard will give you at-a-glance visibility into supplier enablement status and let you quickly invite suppliers to onboard via email. Suppliers can easily download the app through a link in the email to accept your invitation and register right from their mobile device.
  • Open Ariba Platform: SAP Ariba is opening up its platform to put innovation in your hands, empowering customers and partners to enhance and customize SAP Ariba cloud procurement solutions with an endless array of new capabilities. Solution Extensions will allow customers to extend the user interface, business process flows, and data model for Ariba solutions. Starting with the intuitive and highly configurable Forms Designer as a part of UI extensions, procurement administrators will be able to easily create and configure new forms. Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will enable partners to swiftly deliver innovative solutions for the global customer base on the cloud platform of their choice. Partners and developers will be able to create apps by using developer resources and data, logic, and experience APIs to augment Ariba solutions to address industry or region-specific business needs.


Learn more

Our Innovation Thursday webinar series offers detailed information on many of these new features and solutions. Though the live events are finished, the webinars are available on demand. To receive an email link to a recording, just check the box next to your chosen topic, fill out the required fields, and click “register.”

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