The news is out! Along with a wide array of innovations—including a new feature that lets suppliers begin transacting with buyers through Ariba® Network for free—SAP Ariba is introducing greater simplicity and transparency in supplier subscriptions and pricing beginning in September of this year.

The move comes in direct response to buyer requests for easier onboarding of new suppliers and spend categories, and supplier requests for better alignment of features and costs to value. It also takes us a giant step closer to our ultimate goal: making it simple for you and your suppliers to conduct commerce on a single, global platform—so you can run your business more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Supporting faster, smoother growth

By addressing key challenges from the previous pricing structure, the new usage-based supplier fee model will encourage stronger supplier adoption and also pave the way for suppliers to move faster up the e-commerce maturity curve. And the new Interactive Email – Order feature provides a no-cost “Light Enablement” option to help engage long-tail suppliers, making it easier for you to transact with all your suppliers through Ariba Network.


Many of the innovations already launched or slated for imminent release[i] play a big part in this evolution as well, delivering additional opportunities for collaboration plus enhanced functionality and results for both you and your suppliers. These include:

  • The AribaPay solution, an automated, award-winning B2B payment tool that combines detailed remittance information and end-to-end visibility into payment status with the speed and security of electronic payments.
  • The Ariba® Spot Buy solution and Ariba Spot Buy for Network Suppliers, enabling you to drive efficiency and compliance across a previously unmanaged area of spend while opening up a vast new sales channel for suppliers.
  • Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain to support real-time collaboration and complete supply chain visibility in direct materials spend, helping you and your suppliers work together more effectively to make fast, informed decisions that optimize efficiency and reduce risk.
  • An enhanced user interface on the supplier portal, with a new dashboard that displays the most-important information suppliers need to complete day-to-day tasks.
  • The Ariba® Supplier mobile app giving suppliers secure, on-the-go access to their Ariba Network account so they can manage transactions, find information, receive alerts, and collaborate with trading partners right from their mobile device.
  • The Ariba® Exchange User Community where suppliers get always-on, in-application access to relevant content, context-sensitive help, immediate support, and direct collaboration with other users and Ariba experts.
  • The soon-to-be-launched Integration Gateway that will let suppliers “connect once” to Ariba Network to integrate quickly with any customers, supporting touchless transacting across more relationships.


Subscription details: Greater benefits, clearer value

The new subscriptions will offer additional services and capabilities in several key areas:

  • Marketing—with new digital achievement badges to help suppliers showcase their e-commerce capabilities and Ariba Network expertise.
  • Efficiency—with new tools through the Ariba Discovery service to support the buying needs of all suppliers.
  • Support—with a dedicated supplier support channel planned for a future release that will give top-tier suppliers faster, more personalized assistance so they can resolve issues immediately.
  • New sales opportunities—with all the benefits of the Ariba Discovery Advantage package bundled into the Gold and Platinum subscriptions, allowing suppliers at those levels to respond to an unlimited number of sales opportunities from buyers in an active purchasing cycle.

Other beneficial changes to subscriptions and subscription fees include:

  • Value-based subscription naming—The new Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscription names will provide a clear, easy-to-understand indication of the value and benefits offered at each level. And through Light Enablement, a new Entry level will be added so small and low-volume suppliers can accept, confirm, and invoice for orders via email without having to register on the network or pay fees.
  • Subscriptions assigned by documents transacted, not financial volume—To better align costs and features to actual usage, each supplier’s subscription level will now be based on the number of documents they transact, rather than their financial volume. This will result in suppliers receiving greater value for the fees they pay, reducing price sensitivity and friction around the cost of using the network.
  • Subscription fee adjustments—Subscription fees will be reduced at the top two levels (Gold and Platinum) and increased at the middle (Silver) level. In addition, currency exchange rates will be updated to more accurately reflect today’s market conditions.


On the flip side, both the thresholds at which suppliers are moved into a paid subscription and the parameters for transaction fees will remain the same, which means:

  • Suppliers transacting fewer than 5 documents or less than 50K USD[ii] within any one relationship annually will continue to transact at the no-cost Standard level.
  • No change will be made to the .155% transaction fee pricing for paying suppliers.
  • Transaction fees will continue to be capped at 20K USD[iii] annually per transacting relationship.

Getting the word out

Announcements about the upcoming changes began at SAP Ariba Live in March, and the momentum has continued to grow through targeted email campaigns, webinars, meetings, and more. Ongoing communications are planned throughout August, ensuring that all suppliers know what to expect when rollout begins in September.

Learn more

For additional information on the new innovations, subscriptions, and pricing—including a subscription overview, global fee schedule, recorded webcast, FAQs, and more—go to the buyer portal.

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[ii] For thresholds localized by regional currency, see the supplier fee schedule posted on the buyer portal.

[iii] For annual relationship caps localized by regional currency, see the supplier fee schedule posted on the buyer portal.