By KayRee Lee, Director, Value Realization, SAP Ariba


A New Way to Make Your Procurement Solution Pay Off.jpgYour Ariba Procure-to-Pay (P2P) system implementation is complete. Requisitions are being entered and approved, suppliers are transacting, and invoices are getting paid…but how do you know if it’s really delivering the results you want? How can you show your stakeholders the benefits? How do you find and eliminate hurdles to adoption or hiccups in your processes? And how can you assess your performance compared to peers?


If questions like these keep you up at night, you’re in good company. Based on feedback from our customer listening program and Customer Engagement Executives, uncertainty about what and how to measure tops the list of concerns among Ariba P2P buyers. You hope you’re doing everything right, but would really welcome a resource to help you accurately track solution success.


And that’s what Realizing Value: Measuring Ariba Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Performance delivers. Developed by the SAP Ariba Value Realization team, this comprehensive guide contains all the information, tools, and techniques you need to measure and maximize your Ariba P2P results, including:


  • Recommended metrics that you can use to assess your process and operational performance related to Ariba P2P
  • Definitions and objectives for each metric to help you understand exactly what you’re measuring and why
  • Detailed calculations that enable you to accurately determine your specific results for each metric
  • A sample Ariba P2P performance scorecard and related best practices that make it easier to monitor and manage your Ariba P2P process and operations, allowing you to meet your objectives and quickly identify challenges and opportunities
  • Benchmarking suggestions and support to help you compare your results with leaders and peers as well as standard outcomes


Flexible format to meet your needs

Our goal in developing the Realizing Value guide was to create a working document that provides the greatest possible benefit to you. We designed it in six simple sections that walk you through each part of the process, including a handy quick reference table with step-by-step instructions on obtaining the necessary Ariba P2P data for each area you want to assess.


Since your company’s procurement health does not depend on Ariba P2P alone, we incorporated an extensive set of related metrics and measurement formulas that you can use to analyze your overall procurement operations and process performance. They can also help you uncover opportunities where broader solution adoption might improve your results. And while the guide is targeted to Ariba P2P, the information and resources it contains work equally well to measure your results with the Ariba Procure-to-Order (P2O) solution.


Reap the rewards of measurement

By helping you implement an effective measurement program, the Realizing Value guide allows you to:


  • Highlight your progress to maintain and gain executive support. No matter how promising your procurement initiative looks, numbers matter most when it comes to convincing the C-suite. Accurate measurements enable you to demonstrate your results in clear, quantifiable terms—so you can make a strong case to win buy-in for ongoing investments.
  • Identify opportunities and drivers for future improvement. You may think you know where your performance lags, but the right measurements provide the data you need to support your impressions. That helps you develop fact-based action plans for improvement in the areas that will drive the greatest value for your company.
  • Foster a sense of pride and ownership within your procurement team. By measuring the bottom-line savings your team drives through greater order and invoice compliance, fewer errors, faster cycle times, higher efficiency, and similar areas, you can show the significance of their contribution and enhance their prominence within your organization.


Learn more

If you have questions about the guide or want additional information about measuring your Ariba P2P or Ariba P2O results, please contact your Customer Engagement Executive. We also encourage you to check out the SAP Ariba Benchmark Program and to sign up using the links on page 10 of the SAP Ariba Benchmark Program e-book.