SAP Ariba offers plenty of tools and resources to help you source the best suppliers. And with the introduction of digital achievement badges—colorful graphic icons designed to showcase suppliers’ Ariba® Network experience—we’re hoping to make that process easier than ever.


Included as part of the new supplier subscriptions launched in September, digital achievement badges offer at-a-glance awareness of suppliers’ e-commerce maturity and Ariba Network accomplishments.


  • Each badge designates a specific e-commerce capability or milestone the supplier has reached on Ariba Network.
  • Once a supplier meets the criteria for a particular badge, it automatically appears on their Ariba Network/Ariba Discovery® cloud profile.1


Supplier Badges 1.jpg


  • During onboarding, sourcing, or supplier search activities, you can instantly assess suppliers’ proficiency by checking out which badges they have. This can help you save time in determining whether they have the level of experience you want. Badges also provide useful additional data when you need to choose between supplier finalists with otherwise similar qualifications.


Badge glossary

Designed with extensive user input to optimize relevance and value, the new badges encompass a broad range of supplier skills, including:





The customer count badge shows that the supplier has transacted with two or more customers on Ariba Network.




The catalog usage badge shows that the supplier uses a CIF or PunchOut catalog with at least one customer on Ariba Network.




The order badge shows that the supplier has fulfilled an order for one or more customers through Ariba Network.




The integration badge shows that the supplier has integrated with a customer through Ariba Network using cXML or EDI.




The lead badge shows that the supplier has responded to at least one business lead through Ariba Discovery.




The payment badge shows that the supplier uses the AribaPay solution with one or more customers.




The transaction volume badge indicates that the supplier has conducted at least 50 purchase order and/or invoice transactions on Ariba Network.




The invoice badge shows that the supplier has processes an invoice through Ariba Network.


As the program grows, SAP Ariba will continue to develop new badges and fine-tune existing ones based on feedback from both buyers and suppliers.


Learn more

For additional information, watch this brief video overview about the way badges work and how they can benefit your business.



1 Digital achievement badges are being provided for all suppliers at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum subscription levels. Activation of the badge feature will occur for each supplier at the time they begin or renew their Ariba Network subscription during the September 2016-September 2017 rollout period.