By Jennifer Chen, Customer Experience Team, SAP Ariba

TCustomer Experience.jpgurning your input into specific action items and visible improvements is job one for the Customer Experience Team. Through our customer listening program quarterly surveys, we’re learning a lot from you about your experience as an SAP Ariba customer. This valuable feedback helps us shape and prioritize our projects and innovations so we can serve you better. And while we’re working diligently on many initiatives, the following five play an especially big role in helping us to meet your needs by delivering:


1. Advance info on SAP Ariba releases. Wondering what to expect in upcoming SAP Ariba product and solution releases? The knowledge transfer (KT) program offers all the answers you seek, providing timely tools and information to help you plan and prepare. We capture and organize the relevant details, then invite you to live KT sessions where you can get the inside scoop on what’s ahead. (We also open the lines for you to ask any questions you may have.) And if you can’t attend, no problem—we record the sessions and post them on the release readiness portal to ensure that you always have access to this crucial info. To learn more, please visit the release readiness site.


2. Superior support through an all-new In order to optimize our support functions, we’re completely revamping with a wide variety of improvements. Once we unveil the results, you’ll reap the benefits of a streamlined user experience, more intuitive navigation, better self-service functions, and closer collaboration with SAP Ariba Customer Support services. Look for a demo invitation in December!


3. Simpler supplier enablement. With the introduction of light enablement, engaging all your suppliers to conduct business on Ariba® Network becomes easier than ever. You can use it to exchange core business documents in electronic format with your suppliers, eliminating the need for upfront enablement, change management, registration, and fees. Suppliers can receive a purchase order (PO), provide a PO confirmation, and do simple PO-Flip® invoicing through an interactive email-order feature. Yet because the process happens through Ariba Network, orders and invoices are validated against your requirements and the network’s transaction rules, and reconciliation is almost identical to what you do for fully enabled suppliers.


Light enablement is currently designed for PO-based spend and categories that have medium to low transaction volume. To learn more, check out this recorded webinar or read “Light Enablement: Opening the Door to 100% Supplier Adoption.” And if you’re interested in using light enablement for your suppliers, please reach out to your Customer Engagement Executive.


4. Enhanced implementations and industry-specific insights. When you buy SAP Ariba solutions, you want implementation to go smoothly so you can realize fast time to value. And the SAP Ariba Global Delivery team is taking new steps to make that happen. In addition to its existing continuous improvement program, SAP Ariba Global Delivery has launched a formal lessons learned program as part of its overall knowledge management strategy. The team reviews the unique processes and configurations of each deployment, looking for ways to resolve challenges and improve on future engagements by leveraging these experiences. And by providing a formal structure to capture and capitalize on an ever-expanding body of knowledge, the program equips team members to better meet your implementation needs.


The team is also expanding its capabilities to meet the growing demand for industry-specific knowledge and best practices. After convening industry subject matter expert teams and creating internal knowledge resources for delivery, the team is now focused on developing recommended practice materials to share with you and other customers. This will be a continuous work in progress to help enhance our deployment process.


5. Next-generation integration. By automating the entire procure-to-pay cycle to drive truly touchless transacting, integration maximizes e-commerce benefits for you and your suppliers. So we’re excited to share news about what we’re doing to integrate SAP Ariba cloud solutions with SAP ERP and S/4 HANA—along with updates on powerful new tools to make the integration process faster, simpler, and more cost-effective. You can read all about it in our “Integrating Ariba Cloud Solutions with SAP” white paper. And if extra integration education sounds appealing, there’s good news: we’re developing a curriculum for new integration training classes. We’ll send updates on scheduling and availability soon, so watch your inbox for additional info.