If you haven’t already heard, Extension Studio provides the simplest and fastest way to extend your SAP Ariba cloud solutions. Available at no additional cost to all SAP Ariba Buying, SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing, SAP Ariba Catalog, and SAP Ariba Invoice Management1 customers using the SAP Ariba data centers in North America and the European Union, Extension Studio delivers drag-and-drop tools to help you quickly create forms, tailor business processes, and adapt any SAP Ariba solution to your business needs—all with little or no dependence on IT.


And within Extension Studio, we’ve recently released an exciting new capability called the forms builder. Targeted towards procurement business users, the forms builder delivers streamlined self-service tools that help you create and customize forms related to procurement and invoicing. By removing technical limitations and the need to rely on expert help, the forms builder saves you time and money while giving you the agility to make changes to your software application on the fly. Key features include:


  • Drag-and-drop fields and other widgets
  • Visual themes for a consistent look and feel
  • Automated approval flow with support for conditional approvers
  • Support for basic field conditions
  • Access to master data from within forms
  • Dashboard support that lets users track their form documents in To Do, My Documents, and Recently Viewed
  • Localization support for form documents
  • Helpful management tools such as user access control, version tracking for published form designs, and form data export for reporting
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of forms and unlimited fields per form


How does the forms builder work?

Because the forms builder makes it so easy to develop forms on your own, there’s no need to request help from IT teams or SAP Ariba. You can start with a blank design, or choose from one of your company’s existing templates and just modify it as required.


The forms builder allows you to quickly create procurement- and invoicing-related forms such as check requests, educational reimbursements requests, expense authorizations, and more. You simply design the form using a drag-and-drop interface, add an approval flow, and configure conditions for the widgets (fields and controls) and approvers. And you can do it all without writing any code.


An intuitive user experience with the ability to extend your procurement and invoicing workflows, bring additional spend under control, and track results with comprehensive reporting capabilities is what you receive with this fast, flexible toolset.

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Availability and getting started

Rollout of the forms builder capability is currently underway for all qualified customers who use the SAP Ariba Buying, SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing, SAP Ariba Catalog, and SAP Ariba Invoice Management solutions. We’ll notify your SAP Ariba designated support contact once the capability has been activated in your environment.


When you’re ready to get started, you’ll find detailed, step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process in the “Building Forms” customer guide.


Learn more

For additional information and resources, go to the Extension Studio – Forms Builder page on SAP Ariba Connect, where you can access the following resources:


  • Forms builder preview video: Watch an overview of the features and benefits of this valuable new capability within Extension Studio.
  • Forms builder customer guide: This is your go-to guide as you begin to use the forms builder. Topics on how to build and manage forms include:
    • Workflow for building forms
    • Getting around in the forms builder
    • Form designers and administrators: who does what?
    • Best practices for designing forms using the forms builder
    • How to build a form using the forms builder
    • Templates for creating forms
    • How to add an approval flow to a form
    • How to publish a form
    • Helpful hints for managing forms
  • Forms builder FAQ: Access the most frequently asked questions and answers about leveraging the forms builder within Extension Studio.
  • Other brief videos: How-to highlights on building conditions, managing administration tasks, and more.


Help us make the forms builder better!

We value our customers’ feedback, and are looking for research participants to help us shape the future of the forms builder user experience. If you’d like to participate, please sign up by completing this brief interest form.




1. Formerly Ariba Procure to Order, Ariba Procure to Pay, Ariba Procurement Content, and Ariba Invoice Professional.