Connect 3.0.jpgYou asked for improvements to SAP Ariba Connect, and we’re delivering. With the mid-March launch of SAP Ariba Connect 3.0, we’ve introduced a wide array of enhancements that reflect the changes you want to see. We listened carefully to your feedback, and you told us that SAP Ariba Connect:


  • Lacked an intuitive way to access the thousands of self-help documents available
  • Had jumbled search capabilities, with a busy and confusing product information section
  • Needed better service request functionality


The good news is that SAP Ariba Connect 3.0 solves these problems and more. Read on for highlights about what you can expect with this major new release.


Fast, intuitive access to information and action

The new SAP Ariba Connect offers much more than just a place to log service requests. We’ve added plenty of features and functionality that not only make the site easier to use, but also help you resolve issues on your own far faster than before. Key improvements include:


  • Enhanced user experience—The user interface (UI) has been redesigned to greatly improve your experience as a user. The home page now features a wide array of functional tiles focused on common information and action areas, including Service Requests, Product Notifications, Enhancement Requests, Reports, Discussion Forums, and more. With a clean new look and feel, the UI is more responsive, simpler to navigate, and mobile device-friendly. These enhancements are especially notable in the Product Information and Documentation section, where the UI has been completely revamped and optimized to help you instantly zoom in on the right answers and assets.

The home page on SAP Ariba Connect 3.0 has an appealing new design and functional tiles to help you take effective action fast.


  • Better access to learning and self-service—Significant improvements to the site’s search capabilities mean you can now quickly and easily find the information you need. A central search bar on the home page searches across all knowledge resources on the portal, including product documentation, FAQs, and technical solution information. You can customize content based on your solution subscriptions and immediately view your highest-rated, favorite, most-accessed, and most-recent content. You can also browse all of your company’s open service tickets, giving you greater visibility into other users’ requests and feedback across the organization. And you can bookmark and collect content while investigating an issue with the new My Flagged Content functionality, eliminating the need to re-search or try to recall where you last located that critical self-help document.


  • Closer collaboration with support—We’ve redesigned our service request submission process to help ensure that we can capture the proper information up front, enabling us to kick-start investigation into your issue and resolve it more rapidly. We’ve also provided direct access to proper procedures and best practices for working with the support team, so you have clear guidance about what you can do to keep things moving.


You can easily stay on top of what’s trending by frequently checking the new Most Popular section, which lists the content items accessed most by colleagues at your company as well as collectively by all SAP Ariba customers.


There’s great functionality in the updated user profile section as well. For example, you can access your user profile to subscribe to a blog, see what products are available, learn when your subscriptions expire, identify your designated support contacts, change a password, and more.


Start exploring today

While the classic UI will remain available for the next few months, we encourage you to start using the new SAP Ariba Connect by clicking the link on the login page. (If you’re already an SAP Ariba Connect user, please sign in with your existing login credentials.)


Additional enhancements ahead

These changes are just the beginning, since we plan to keep the improvements coming! We’ll continue to listen to your feedback and implement revisions and upgrades to help you get the most out of SAP Ariba Connect. Stay tuned for further developments later this year.


To learn more about the new SAP Ariba Connect, be sure to listen to this recorded webinar. If you have specific questions or suggestions to make the site better, contact your customer engagement executive.