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Austin Whitehead

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Seller Solutions



Why You Should Care about E-Commerce Maturity

Why should you care about e-commerce maturity? Because it directly impacts your company’s revenue growth and customer satisfaction. A recent survey of selling organizations conducted by Ariba and Selling Power has shown that improving your organization’s e-commerce maturity can help you significantly increase sales and strengthen customer relationships.



What Is the “E-Commerce Maturity Curve”?

The e-commerce maturity curve represents the arc of progression your company moves along when utilizing online commerce. Maturity levels are measured by your level of experience, the implementation and support strategies you use, and your degree of engagement in various online channels such as web storefronts, supplier networks, and digital marketing. E-commerce maturity can be assigned to one of the following four groups:


  1. Reactive businesses engage in e-commerce only in a reactionary mode, e.g., by complying with a customer request or in response to competitive pressure.
  2. Responsive companies are engaging in e-commerce, but mostly as separate, one-off projects.
  3. Proactive organizations have established processes, infrastructure, and resources to support the e-commerce channel in a programmatic manner.
  4. Aggressive companies aggressively expand the e-commerce channel as an important growth opportunity and encourage their customers to adopt it.





Where Can You Learn More?

To learn more about the maturity curve and Selling Power survey results, download the attached white paper: The Business Case for a Comprehensive Approach to E-Commerce.



How Can You Accelerate Your Progress?

Ariba has designed a brief quiz you can use to determine your organization’s e-commerce maturity level. Once you know your results, you can take advantage of the quick tips provided to ascend to the next stage and increase your e-commerce ROI.



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