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Austin Whitehead

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Seller Solutions



E-Commerce Maturity Quiz

The following quiz can help you determine your organization’s e-commerce maturity level—a valuable first step in identifying ways to increase your e-commerce ROI. For each question below, circle the answer that most closely describes your company’s current process.


1. What do you do when a customer asks you to connect with them electronically?

  1. We assign one-off resources to manage these requests, but find the process difficult.
  2. We have a staff person or are starting to put together a team to manage these requests.
  3. We have well-established resources, systems, and processes in place to respond to these requests.
  4. We’re proactively reaching out to customers to encourage them to connect with us electronically.


2. How easy is it for your customers to obtain information about your products and/or services?

  1. We primarily utilize paper-based catalogs for products and/or a manual RFQ process for services.
  2. We have mostly paper catalogs, but some electronic catalogs that are hard to upload and maintain, resulting in outdated price and availability information.
  3. We are gradually migrating to primarily online catalogs, but worry that some customers are being left behind.
  4. Our customers can easily obtain our products and/or set service specifications online, and special terms or benefits available to their organization are visible and current.


3. What is your customer order-taking capability?

  1. We primarily receive orders via mail, fax, or email. Our customer care team or sales team manually enters orders into our order system.
  2. We can receive orders electronically or via a web storefront, but we’re unable to electronically send acknowledgements and ship notices.
  3. We’re able to receive orders electronically and deliver order acknowledgements, but pricing and specifications aren’t always current.
  4. We receive orders electronically and are able to deliver order acknowledgements with current pricing and availability.


4. Do you typically receive customer payments on time?

  1. Payments are often late due to internal or customer errors, causing frequent invoice inquiries/disputes.
  2. It varies by customer or products ordered—some pay on time, but others have frequent disputes that make them pay late, or the product complexities result in pricing issues.
  3. Most customers pay on time, and any delays are primarily due to non-electronic payment methods.
  4. We are getting paid early due to our electronic invoicing capabilities and options for early payment.


5. How does your company view B2B e-commerce?

  1. As necessary due to customer demand, but we’re only doing what is necessitated by customers and the market.
  2. We realize we have to do something to remain competitive and grow our business, but we are still assessing the value it might give us or passively implementing it as budgets enable.
  3. We have assessed the value to our organization and are actively seeking internal opportunities to drive greater process efficiency and gain customer satisfaction.
  4. We see it as a strategic growth and customer retention opportunity and are aggressively seeking customers and partners to engage in our B2B e-commerce strategy plan.


6.  What is your company’s approach to online marketing and sales beyond your own website or web storefront?

  1. We haven’t done anything, but we’re in the process of evaluating how it fits for us.
  2. We’re experimenting with it.
  3. We have a strategy, but haven’t fully determined the total benefits or how we will move forward.
  4. We’re using it as a vehicle to drive strategic growth.




Scoring Your Quiz

Add up the total number of responses you had for each letter, then circle the letter for which you had the highest score.

A: ___

B: ___

C: ___

D: ___


Interpreting Your Results

Based on your quiz score, determine the maturity level your company currently falls into from the list below. Then click the appropriate link to review the results/characteristics of survey respondents in your category and learn the benefits and pitfalls you can expect—along with tips on moving to the next level.


Mostly As—Your Company Is Reactive


Mostly Bs—Your Company Is Responsive


Mostly Cs—Your Company Is Proactive


Mostly Ds—Your Company Is Aggressive



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