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Technology #1: Cloud Computing

The constant buzz about “the cloud” in today’s business media can make the whole concept seem like so much hype. Yet the value cloud computing delivers is undeniable. By fueling greater collaboration among trading partners through standardized web capability that’s available anytime and anywhere, is flexibly priced, and scales with your business needs, cloud computing can give you:


  • Market intelligence in hundreds of categories that enables you to rapidly discover, win, and support customers
  • Best practices information, including templates, configurations, and workflows that save you time and effort
  • Direct access to hundreds of global commerce experts who can help move your business into the international commerce world
  • Strategic and tactical consulting to drive business expansion and change
  • Organizational design and transformation assistance
  • Education and training to help your company make the most of the cloud environment
  • Consulting and support to bring more trading partners online


Moreover, at a time when margins are shrinking and budgets remain tight, cloud environments give you a shared technology platform with active and potential customers that can be invaluable in helping you drive up sales and cut costs. For example, placing catalogs and other sales materials in the cloud makes it simple for customers to see what you offer, and online ordering and invoicing capabilities let them purchase from you quickly and easily. The process efficiencies and top-line benefits are nothing to sneeze at either, with companies shortening cycle times 15 to 75 percent and increasing revenue 5 to 32 percent by moving sales and marketing into the cloud.(5)



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Technology #2: Social Business

Technology #3: Enterprise Mobility



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