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Technology #3: Enterprise Mobility


The explosion of wireless connectivity and the vast array of mobile devices using it are driving what Deloitte refers to as the “mobility revolution.”(8) Smartphones, tablet computers, palmtops, and PDAs running an endlessly evolving stream of innovative apps have created an intuitive and engaging technology platform that attends us practically everywhere. And as this revolution reaches the business world—with a growing number of companies adding mobile initiatives and employees increasingly relying on mobile technology to get the job done regardless of time and place—you may find yourself asking how your company can take advantage of the mobility trend.Since the skills needed to enter the brave new world of enterprise mobility differ from those used by traditional IT, developing, deploying, and supporting mobile solutions calls for a bit of a blank-slate approach. Companies doing it well employ a mix of “business insight, deep technical chops, and strong design,” and the results they achieve enable them to not only stand out from their competition but also play an instrumental role in reshaping entire industries.(9) While the potential business value of this nascent technology seems limited only by the imagination, here are some of the benefits enterprise mobility offers:


  • A more efficient workforce through technologies that enable employees to connect with customers, colleagues, and data anytime, anywhere and make informed decisions on the fly
  • Easy information exchange and more efficient workflows through automated, streamlined content sharing across PCs, tablets, and handhelds
  • An always-on, always-connected way to engage customers and transform brand perception through fun, interesting apps that offer imaginative ways for customers to browse for products, search inventories, join gift registries, and create shopping lists
  • Higher sales generated by interactive advertisements, personalized point-of-sale coupons, mobile alerts, and individualized messages based on shopping patterns and preferences
  • Dramatic efficiency improvements through innovative solutions like Amtrak’s mobile app and magnetic stripe readers that let conductors instantly validate and process tickets, notify customers of scheduling issues, and identify and resolve problems while enabling customers to easily schedule, ticket, and check in for travel through a user-friendly interface
  • Stronger customer traction through gamification techniques that award points or gifts for specific activities, link achievements to social networks, and provide incentives to join loyalty and reward programs
  • Integration to brick-and-mortar stores that connects digital content with inventory, pricing, and in-store location, taking the customer shopping experience to a whole new level


While these uses and benefits only scratch the surface of possibility, smart sellers temper their expectations with some caution as well. Security, performance, and maintainability are equally key components to consider in developing a mobile enterprise plan. Yet balance is the key, since mobility is a force that won’t be stopped—so restrictions should provide safety and sustainability without hampering your ability to join the revolution. Ultimately, enterprise mobility success for any company depends on maintaining “a clear vision of a world where every customer, worker, and supplier is hyper-productive, hyper-available, and hyper-engaged.”(10)


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