After a couple of weeks of focusing on shopping, eating and merriment, it can be tough to get your head around business again. So to help you get back into the swing of things and to give you some food for thought on using supplier networks for business growth, here are a few articles for you to read:


Today’s Supplier Networks: Moving Beyond Transactions to Customer Collaboration and Global Business Growth

Part 1 – What Supplier Networks Can Do for You

If you still view supplier networks as an “order machine” for your company, you’re missing the boat. Learn how many supplier networks are evolving to become truly strategic resources that drive buyer-seller collaboration across the entire spectrum of business commerce.

Part 2 – Seven Success Strategies to Optimize Your Network ROI

Get some ideas to help you realize the benefits today’s networks offer. These seven strategies can help you leverage the expanding capabilities of networks to drive major value and growth for your organization.


Three Ways to Get Paid Faster and Manage Cash Better

No doubt about it—cash management is tougher than ever in today’s economy. But take heart, learn about using e-commerce to manage your order-to-payment cycle and turn your cash woes into business rewards.


Boost Visibility and Sales with Level 2 Punchout

Buyers today want a more consumerized shopping experience, and sellers who deliver it will dominate the market. Read how Level 2 PunchOut can provide advanced search capabilities, richer and more specific content, and a more consumerized, shopping experience.


How to Come Out Top in E-Sourcing Events

So you’ve been asked to participate in an e-sourcing event. Now what? Read about eight success strategies designed to enable you to make the most of every e-sourcing opportunity.