Ariba has invested more than 330 million USD in recent years to expand seller capabilities and deliver greater value for your business. The introduction of new Supplier Membership Program (SMP) subscription packages in January 2013 takes this investment to the next level, providing key enhancements to increase your Ariba Network ROI and help you achieve the e-commerce results seen by many Ariba sellers, including:


  • 30 percent growth in existing accounts
  • 15 percent higher customer retention rates
  • A six-day reduction in invoice payment and approval, lowering DSO 20 percent
  • 80 percent improvement in order accuracy




With your feedback, SMP subscription packages have been carefully restructured to better meet your needs as a seller. You asked for greater visibility into your customers’ processes, opportunities to grow and differentiate, and ways to collaborate more effectively with customers to reduce your cost of sales. The five new subscription levels—Ariba Network Standard, Select, Premier, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus—provide a diverse array of updated features and benefits to help you achieve this, such as easy-to-use e-catalog enablement options, new connectivity and automation tools, and more extensive technical and collaborative commerce support. As your use of the Ariba® Network grows, your subscription level grows as well, providing an ever-increasing level of functionality and resources. These changes are designed to help you strengthen trading partner relationships and evolve your collaborative business commerce capabilities so you can move up the e-commerce maturity curve faster.


Additionally, SMP package pricing has been revised to reflect the higher value offered at each subscription level. Your subscription eligibility will be determined on your first master anniversary date occurring on or after January 1, 2013. (See question 9 in these SMP Seller FAQs for more information.) Ariba has also streamlined the calculation of Network Transaction Service (NTS) fees.


Finally, to meet seller and buyer demand for more online catalog adoption, Ariba now offers unlimited catalog enablement for buyers. This makes it easier for you to encourage catalog use among your customers, generate greater up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, and ensure higher accuracy in your customers’ purchase orders and your invoices.


The chart below highlights some of the additional functionality you receive with the new Ariba Network subscription packages.



New SMP Subscription Features and Benefits


StandardContinues Ariba’s see-value-first model of providing a no-cost service for sellers occasionally transacting or just getting started.


Included: Access to CIF and PunchOut catalogs, basic document routing and reporting, and global customer support
SelectHelps you differentiate your business and build stronger customer relationships with catalog-driven collaborative commerce.


Included: Access to CIF and PunchOut catalogs, enhanced document routing and reporting, and e-learning courses
PremierEnables you to grow your capabilities and automate the submission and receipt of orders and invoices with new access to cXML and EDI integration standards and technical support.


Included: Access to CIF and PunchOut catalogs as well as cXML and EDI integration standards technology for automated, “touchless” POs and invoices; enhanced order routing and document reporting; and seller technical support
EnterpriseProvides what you need to transform your collaborative commerce capabilities with features and services that consumerize B2B e-commerce and eliminate hurdles to successful buyer-seller collaboration.


Included: New collaboration tools like the Ariba Integration Connector, powered by Dell Boomi1, to connect your small business application with the Ariba Network; data cleansing and enrichment on 100 catalog items; Ariba Ready™ Bronze certification eligibility; and access to program management services
Enterprise PlusAllows you to make your collaborative commerce capabilities a competitive advantage with extended automation and connectivity solutions, support, and validation services that help you provide the fully automated and seamless collaboration your customers expect.


Included: New collaboration tools like the Ariba Integration Connector, powered by Dell Boomi, to connect your midsized business application with the Ariba Network; data cleansing and enrichment on up to 500 catalog items; Ariba Ready Silver certification eligibility; VIP access to program management services to advance your collaborative business commerce capabilities; and a complimentary pass to attend Ariba LIVE




The primary goal of the Supplier Membership Program remains the same as it has always been: to help maximize the benefits you realize through the Ariba Network by giving you value-added functionality, services, and support tailored to your current level of participation—while making it easy for you to expand those capabilities when you’re ready. Additionally, the basis for calculating many Ariba Network fees is also staying the same, with:


  • No change to the 0.155% transaction volume rate used to calculate Network Transaction Service (NTS) fees
  • No change to the 20,000 USD per-relationship volume cap
  • Sellers whose total transaction volumes are fewer than five documents or less than 50,000 USD will still transact for free




For detailed information on the new SMP subscription packages and pricing—and a more complete explanation of how the program enhancements benefit your business—visit



1 The Ariba Integration Connector, powered by Dell Boomi solution is provided in English in North America and Europe and is subject to additional terms of use. Actual compatibility of a connection depends on several factors, including buyer-side requirements on the Ariba Network and business accounting software configuration capabilities. Please contact Ariba Global Customer Support for more details.