Sure, you’ve heard the big news: Ariba is now part of the SAP family. Yet as an Ariba seller, you may be wondering exactly how this change will impact you—and what you can expect to see in the coming months. Rest assured, there are plenty of positive developments to look forward to.



The combination of SAP and Ariba is a match that works on multiple levels, with each company bringing unique yet complementary strengths to the union. SAP’s leadership in business applications, database technology, analytics, and mobility meshes perfectly with Ariba’s front-running position in cloud-based applications delivered through the world’s largest business network.


Yet the synergies extend far beyond a successfully combined solution set. Not only do both companies embrace a customer-centric approach to doing business, they also share a common vision about powering the networked enterprise.


The networked enterprise is all about collaboration, and SAP and Ariba are uniquely positioned to make it a reality. By enabling processes that help companies connect and collaborate more effectively through the cloud, the two companies have created an entirely new model for business—empowering sellers to more easily land customers and process orders and invoices, buyers to more efficiently discover and qualify new sellers, and both sides to gain visibility into payables and receivables status for more informed cash flow decisions.



SAP and Ariba are working to provide higher levels of process efficiency and transparency to all Ariba Network® participants, along with new types of collaboration and insights available only in a networked model. This means more opportunities to optimize top- and bottom-line value for your company through benefits such as:


  • Access to thousands of new customers. Plans are now in place to offer to SAP’s more than 232,000 customers—who represent almost every major industry and geography worldwide—the ability to easily connect to the Ariba Network, regardless of their size or source system. This will increase the value of the Network to you as a seller by opening the door to a much broader market for your business.

  • Higher productivity through enhanced collaborative capabilities. The introduction of SAP solutions and innovations is already driving better business-to-business collaboration and escalating the efficiency and insights available through the Ariba Network, helping you realize dramatic productivity gains across multiple activities and processes. For example, you can:


    • Discover new business opportunities with an even bigger network of global buying organizations
    • Boost efficiency through improved order and invoice collaboration with your customers
    • Speed payment and increase access to financing
    • Become more informed through community intelligence, market data, benchmarking, and best practices for enhanced performance and decisions


Together, SAP and Ariba are delivering a business network that is unmatched in its capabilities with cloud-based, consumer-like solutions that create win-win outcomes for you and your customers.




While roadmap development is still in the early stages, some decisions have already been made. Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect to see:


  • An “open-network” approach. The Ariba Network will remain open and available to any company, and pre-built integration points will make it simple for both SAP and non-SAP customers to connect. This open approach will help facilitate participation and extend the benefits of business collaboration to all.
  • An innovative blending of technologies. Ariba will look for opportunities to leverage key SAP technologies in its cloud apps and network solutions, and relevant SAP applications will be connected to and leverage services from the Ariba Network. For example, the planned infusion of analytics from SAP along with its flagship in-memory platform SAP HANA will enable companies to harness the power of the more than 15 years of transactional, relationship, and member-contributed Ariba Network content to make faster and more informed selling, buying, and financial decisions.
  • A seamless transition. Ariba will operate as an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of SAP and continue to be led by the current management team. That means you can expect the same high levels of support for the solutions and programs you already use while enjoying the many new innovations planned to help you grow your business, enhance customer collaboration, and become an integral part of the networked enterprise.


By steadily expanding the value of the services offered through the Network, SAP and Ariba intend to grow customer opportunities to make the Ariba Network the premier way to do business in the 21st century—creating a whole that promises to be far greater than the sum of its parts.