Ariba® Network On-Demand Release 12s3 has introduced plenty of value-added improvements for you as a seller, and to keep you in the know, we’ve included a brief summary of the highlights below. Yet that’s not all that’s new on the Ariba Network right now. Ariba has also added a number of other resources designed to make your experience more productive and positive than ever. Read on to learn what’s available and how it can help you.


Release 12s3 Highlights

Many of the new capabilities focus on helping you collaborate more efficiently and effectively with customers, including:

  • Purchase Order User Interface Redesign—Based on seller end user feedback, the design of POs has been enhanced in multiple ways to make them easier to use and read. For example:
    • A clearer layout and more-flexible viewing options enable you to quickly find key information, initiate frequently performed tasks more easily, and expand and collapse sections based on your interest and needs.
    • Improved printing and PDF options allow you to print customized screen contents (based on what you hide/show from the dropdowns) rather than having to print all details. Using a free PDF print driver (such as PrimoPDF or CutePDF), Windows users can create custom PDF versions of POs. Mac users can use the built-in PDF generation functionality of the Mac OS to create PDFs.
  • Enhanced Pricing Functionality—New pricing features allow you to specify different units of measure than what your customers select (e.g., the customer lists per-item pricing and you wish to provide per-box fulfillment and pricing). The Ariba Network will take care of the conversion between the different pricing schemas in the respective business documents (POs, order confirmations, advance ship notices, invoices).
  • Streamlined Order Confirmation—This feature allows you to quickly reject an entire order, and lets your customers add extra configurations for the order confirmation process and order confirmation details.
  • Goods Receipt Information in POs—Buyers can now provide goods receipt and return information on POs, while you’re notified of updated receipt information and can view it against the order and confirmation status for better order fulfillment and invoicing.
  • Delivery Terms and Transportation Details Included on Advance Ship Notices—You can now include delivery terms and other transportation details on all advance ship notices to support a broader range of shipping information collaboration.
  • Support for Case-Insensitive Usernames—Usernames are now matched based on lowercase letters, so you can log in with any combination of lower- and uppercase letters.

To get more information and view demonstration videos that walk you through the new features, go to the 12s3 seller release portal.


Seller Support Teams

So you need help or have a question…who ya gonna call? Ariba is working hard to make the answer easy. Here’s a short list of teams ready and willing to help you gain the most value from your Supplier Membership Program (SMP) subscription and use of the Ariba Network.

  1. Commerce Assistance Team (New!)
    • Who do they help? Enterprise and Enterprise Plus sellers.
    • What do they help with? NoN-billing related questions and issues, including assistance with the new Ariba Integration Connectors, powered by Dell Boomi; data cleansing requests; Ariba LIVE passes; Ariba Ready certifications; and SMP subscriptions and benefits.
    • How can you reach them? Send an email to
  2. Electronic Supplier Integration Team
    • Who do they help? Sellers who want to integrate their transactions (excluding catalogs) with the Ariba Network via cXML, EDI, and CSV.
    • What do they help with? Questions for your customers during the integration process; best practices and support as well as consulting requests regarding integration.
    • How can you reach them? Send an email to
  3. Customer Support Team
    • Who do they help? All sellers.
    • What do they help with? Any functional or navigational questions relating to the Ariba Network, including registration, resetting passwords, and reassigning your account to a new administrator; creating an invoice; configuring your account; user management; and SMP invoices/fees.
    • How can you reach them? Log in to your Ariba Network account and click on “Contact Support” under “Help” in the upper right-hand corner, then scroll to the bottom to choose your preferred contact option.


Network Enablement Webinar Series

When you and a customer agree to start transacting over the Ariba Network, understanding each other’s priorities and concerns is key to ensuring the process goes smoothly. And that’s exactly what the Network Enablement Webinar Series is designed to help you do. Led by Ariba buyers and sellers and expert Ariba staff, this series of hour-long webinars offers strategies and best practices that make enablement on the Ariba Network seamless—so you can get up and running more easily and start realizing value faster.


To listen to previously recorded webinars or register for new ones, sign in to Ariba Exchange and go to the Customer Success Group, where you’ll see a list of all the current and upcoming topics on the left-hand side of the page. (If you’re not already a Customer Support Group member, you can submit a request to join; the group administrator usually sends approvals within 24 hours.)



Value-Added Seller Offers

To succeed in the global economy, you need to collaborate not only with your customers, but also an extended network of partners and vendors. Yet identifying the best businesses to fulfill your requirements—and negotiating terms that give you the most value—can be challenging and time-consuming. To make it easier, Ariba has created Ariba Offers for Sellers, a program offering a variety of unique products and services from leading companies at specially discounted rates for Ariba sellers.


Launching the program is Ariba partner BizEquity, the world’s leading cloud-based business valuation engine. BizEquity provides an innovative web-based solution that can help you clearly quantify the value of your business—crucial information that can dramatically impact your prospects for growth and profitability. Through the program, Ariba sellers receive 50 percent off a one-year monthly subscription. Go to for details on this offer, and check back often for updates on other deals and discounts in the works.


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