You believe in your products and services, and you’re constantly looking for the best ways to sell them. In fact, that’s probably why you joined the Ariba® Network, most likely to transact with a specific customer. Yet you may wonder if you could gain even more value from your Ariba connection. For example, what if you could use it to:


  • Grow your existing business without going through lengthy and expensive sales cycles?
  • Get your products in front of purchasers across an organization, rather than just a few people in procurement?
  • Capture attention from large buying organizations, even if you’re a small or midsized supplier?


Good news: you can. Being enabled with a PunchOut catalog lets you meet these goals and more. And if you think PunchOut costs too much or won’t really benefit your business, think again. Marketplace SPEC—a new PunchOut solution set offered through Ariba partner ThomasNet—can make PunchOut accessible to suppliers of any size, giving you all the advantages of an interactive catalog without the usual effort and expense.


How Can the ThomasNet Solution Benefit Me?


With a 110-year history of helping 700,000+ suppliers connect with buyers—and a specific focus on MRO and manufacturing products and services—ThomasNet combines deep expertise in industrial buying and selling behavior with solid knowledge about what large buying organizations need from their suppliers. Their comprehensive Marketplace SPEC catalog solutions optimize your sales effectiveness by allowing you to:


  • Show more of what you sell through high-quality PunchOut catalogs that provide the consumer-like shopping experience buyers demand
  • Make it easier to buy from you by enabling purchasers to punch out through their Ariba procurement system into your catalog, customized with their preferences and pricing
  • Increase sales on already-contracted items an average of 30 percent by making your products and services visible to more purchasers throughout the organization
  • Support informed buying decisions and effective search by building a rich data structure and integrating pictures, design documents, material safety data sheets, installation manuals, videos, and other detailed content
  • Automate sales of typically “high-touch” categories like configurable goods and services, saving you and your customers time and money
  • Instantly update pricing/product info with your customers through easy-to-use back-end tools
  • Demonstrate your ability to serve large buying organizations by proactively offering resources that help them better manage spend, especially in under-managed categories like industrial MRO and indirect materials


How Does ThomasNet’s Service Work?

ThomasNet’s Marketplace SPEC catalog solutions are subscription based, with an Ariba supplier starter package priced at 2750 USD annually for 75 SKUs (additional options are available). When you’re ready, a personal support team takes you through a simple four-step process designed for fast time to benefit:

Step 1: ThomasNet collects your initial product content.

Step 2: Project managers work with you to:

  • Develop rich attribute data for your product information to ready catalog content for network use and product search.
  • Create a ThomasNet-hosted PunchOut catalog and cXML connection to the Ariba Network and your customer’s procurement solution.
  • Optimize your Ariba cloud profile so buying organizations can easily learn about and connect with your company.

Step 3: You collaborate with ThomasNet to review, correct, and approve final product data.

Step 4: ThomasNet establishes and maintains connectivity so purchasers can transact directly through your catalog on the Ariba Network.


How Can I Learn More?

To learn more about Marketplace SPEC catalog solutions—or discuss other ways ThomasNet can help you expand market share and realize greater value through Ariba—you can check out this video or contact program management group director Ed Edwards at