The old saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” points to a key truth: learning you’re not alone with problems actually makes it easier to fix them. Discussing a job dilemma with friends or colleagues does more than just blow off steam. In fact, recent research proves that sharing stories with those in the same boat significantly reduces stress, making what seemed overwhelming a lot easier to manage.[1] And hearing others’ experiences can give you insights that help resolve the very issue you’re dealing with.


So if an impasse at the office is causing you angst, check out the graphic stories below. While the characters are composites, they’re based on real-life sellers with challenges like yours. By following the comic friend whose struggles sound most familiar, you’ll get the comfort of camaraderie—along with the inspiration of new ideas from the solutions they find.


Marsha, VP of Marketing

“Generating new leads is one of my main priorities, but also my biggest challenge. I exhaust every lead source I can—you name it, we do it—but still, sales never seems satisfied. And it’s always the worst near quarter end, like now. Sales is going nuts demanding ‘better’ leads than all the excellent ones we already gave them, so I’ve got to find some hot, super-qualified leads that even a fifth-grader could convert—and I have to do it fast. The question is, how? I don’t have the time or budget for a new campaign, plus I’m swamped with meetings, reports, and projects that are just as urgent…”



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Sam, VP of Sales

“I love selling. I wake up every day hoping I’ll go to work and be able to move opportunities along using the sales process and tools I’ve been trained on: prospect, interview, analyze needs, present, negotiate, and close. But since this online stuff came onboard, I get stalled out trying to find out if the leads in my queue are truly qualified or just dead ends, since half the time marketing misses the boat on what I need. If they’re solid, I have to scramble to find the best approach for this already-educated buyer, assemble piles of marketing content designed to ‘support’ each stage of my selling process, piece together sales proposals, field inquiries, and on and on. Not to mention all the clients making it a business condition that we adopt some new e-commerce system they just added…”




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[1] “Are You Feeling What I’m Feeling? Emotional Similarity Buffers Stress,” Social Psychological and Personality Science, December 17, 2013