Whether you’re new to Ariba or a seasoned user, questions about your account, Ariba solutions, e-commerce, or other topics can arise at any time. To make sure you get the right answers—and to connect you with ideas and insights from other sellers and Ariba experts—we’ve launched the new Ariba Exchange User Community.


What is the Ariba Exchange User Community?

Created to replace Help@Ariba, the new Ariba Exchange User Community offers diverse features that make it easy for you to obtain the information you need, when and how you need it. Besides offering simpler navigation, better search functionality, and direct access to targeted content, the new community is designed to meet growing user demand for intuitive self-help tools along with multiple options for direct support. Resources include:

  • Popular Topics, content that other users have found the most helpful, which is displayed by contextual relevance (based on your Ariba commerce cloud account) and can be sorted by date
  • Learning Center, where you can browse through the full library of Ariba technical product documentation and tutorials
  • Support Center, which offers access to help from a variety of channels:
    • Phrase or keyword searches
    • Posting an online service request
    • Live chat with Ariba support staff*
    • Phone calls with Ariba support staff
  • Popular Tags and Common Troubleshooting Tags, which you can click to see resources on frequently queried topics
  • Feedback options:
    • A “post comment” feature that lets you share input and exchange opinions with other users about specific content items
    • “Like” icons you can use to thank the writer of any content item you found helpful
    • “Report a problem” webforms that allow you to alert Ariba about content errors or issues
  • Trust.ariba.com hotlink, where you’ll find notifications about product issues, planned downtime, and other status alerts

The community has already proved helpful to plenty of sellers, with more than 73,000 content item views since launch, and traffic continues to increase.


How do I get started?

To access the community, click Help in the upper right-hand corner from any page in your account, then click Help Center from the dropdown. For a quick primer on key community features along with helpful navigation tips, read “How to Use the Ariba Exchange User Community” (which you can find by entering the title in the Search box at the top of the community home page). Then explore the community and try out the different features yourself. And be sure to check back frequently, since new content and improvements are continually being introduced!


What’s ahead for the community?

The goal for the community is to make it easier for you to use all Ariba products and features by sharing best practices, ideas, and answers with your peers, partners, customers, and others. Future releases will incorporate more opportunities for interaction with users both inside and outside Ariba—creating a collaborative model that gives you new ways to voice your needs so we can help you be more successful, faster.




*Live chat is currently provided in English on a 24x5 (Monday through Friday) basis to Ariba Network sellers, with rollout to other seller groups scheduled in upcoming months.